Purchase and maintenance of folding single bed

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The world is so big that we all like to travel. Proper relaxation is very helpful to our physical and mental health. But how to have a short rest during the journey is a problem. Folding single beds are becoming more and more common in life. They are simple and convenient to use, easy to put away and do not occupy a lot of space, so they are very popular. So what are the uses of folding single beds? How to maintain a folding single bed? Now come with me to learn about folding single beds

folding single bed brand — Kaiyincheng

is engaged in the production and sales of leisure furniture, including folding beds, folding chairs, reclining chairs and other products

folding single bed brand — Iris

provides various brands for middle and high-end consumers, and is famous for its practicality, comfort, beauty and simplicity

folding single bed brand — Manlaiya

is a well-known e-commerce home brand. Online shopping malls mainly sell all kinds of leisure furniture

folding single bed brand — Lanman

mainly produces various series of indoor and outdoor tourism and leisure products, scientific management system and strict quality control

folding single bed brand — BX

the well-known e-commerce leisure brands on the network mainly have a series of leisure furniture products

folding single bed brand — Soler

is a well-known folding bed brand in the mall, mainly selling leisure furniture

folding single bed brand — Weilan life

started in 1988 and is committed to small household products. It is a representative brand of high-end furniture in China

purchase of folding single bed

first, look at the elasticity: lie down, turn left and right, will not move or uneven, and can immediately return to the original state

second, look at the stability: shake it back and forth, left and right, shake it, and see if it is firm

III. pay attention to the quality of the wrapping cloth: hold one place with the fingertips of both hands, pull it up, feel strong, and have good recoverability

IV. look at the process: pay attention to the smooth welding position, no gap, uniform and soft coating, and adopt the baking paint process

folding single bed maintenance

different materials have different cleaning methods. Leather fabrics can be wiped with fresh milk or warm soap water. Use an eraser for ballpoint pen oil. Beer and coffee can be wiped with warm water. The gum is solidified with ice and then taken away directly. Do not wipe stains with alcohol. At the same time, avoid putting the folding single bed in direct sunlight or wet places to prevent the product from aging quickly

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