White collar decoration tips let you lead the fash

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There is not enough space for a large set of sofas, and a hanging chair can make the whole home poetic... The broken flower bag on the chair seems to retain a warm body temperature. Of course, you can only step on the floor with bare feet. Reading magazines on the ground, the hostess just sat on the ground and flipped over

a rattan screen separates a leisure sitting room from the bedroom. The hanging chair beside the big glass window gives people the reverie of the warm sun, and the windowsill is also fully used as a "small table", a few cups, a pot of tea... In such a harmonious spring day, it is time to wake up in the flowers

no corner can be ignored. The simple computer desk makes the computer a part of beautifying the home

the pink girl's room, the current room layout, the computer is a good place to write articles

"mobile" study: give a corner of the room, use the closet principle, pull the curtain and hide the study

let the bookshelf become the decoration of the living room. Put a lamp next to the sofa. When there are no guests, the living room is the master's study





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