The whole house of solid wood customized furniture

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Longdingtianzhu officially launched the "Tianzhu whole house solid wood custom home" set in 2015, focusing on the development of solid wood wardrobe, which is made of imported New Zealand boards and water-based paint, to ensure first-class quality and environmental protection

Longding Tianzhu wooden door is a high-end brand series under Beijing Longding Jiye industry and Trade Co., Ltd., which is specialized in designing and manufacturing solid wood composite doors. Through more than ten years of development, Longding has become one of the famous wooden door brands in China, and has been ranked among the top 30 wooden door brands in China for five consecutive years

"longdingtianzhu" series wooden doors are the fourth generation of new products. Fiber boards are imported from New Zealand with original packaging. The environmental protection level of the boards has reached the world's highest environmental protection standards, and their stability, durability and are superior to logs. Longding Tianzhu wooden door pursues the beauty of simplicity and Europe, which is gorgeous but not cumbersome. It means to perfectly combine the beauty of modern (modern decoration effect picture) simplicity (simple decoration effect picture) and classical (classical decoration effect picture) beauty, and reproduce the pursuit and interpretation of beauty today and ancient times. It is a wooden door product that is truly customized for people who pay attention to healthy quality of life and environmental protection quality of life

longdingtianzhu officially launched the "Tianzhu whole house solid wood custom home" set in 2015, focusing on the development of solid wood wardrobes, which are made of imported boards from New Zealand and water-based paint to ensure first-class quality and environmental protection. Adopting the most advanced PU paint spraying technology in the world, the paint spraying nozzle is only equivalent to 1/10 of the hair. Seven times of painting without dead corners at 360 degrees in a dust-free space makes the paint more stable. Long dingtianzhu believes that paying attention to a healthy home environment is what people call in their hearts and a good product in line with the times

longdingtianzhu will gradually build a full house customized home decoration brand focusing on wooden doors, supplemented by wardrobe, bookcase (bookcase decoration effect drawing), wine cabinet and other product series, interpret the future trend of international home furnishing with a new industry perspective, and provide more quality life products and services for more consumers. At this moment, long Dingtian's new home music played




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