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the pulp black liquor concentrator is mainly composed of an air extraction cylinder, a tank cover, a concentration tank, a fixed support and a heater. The fixed support has two layers of diaphragms, which are located at the bottom and middle of the tank until they reach the limit of the right-hand side of the instrument, that is, at 1/8 and 1/2 of the height of the tank from the bottom of the tank. The two layers of diaphragms are provided with many holes, and inside them. 3. The machine can also be used for steel pipe bending test. Many straight pipe fittings are vertically inserted to form a rotor free vulcanizer. The patented closed mold cavity structure is adopted; Truly measure the bridging torque of rubber; Ensure the mold surface is clean for a long time; Windows operating system software; Fast temperature control ability; Mold "rewarming speed" during test; Mold "overshoot" during test; Proactively check the test results; Read the value of each point on the curve; Quality governance boundary; Edit report contents and patterns freely; SPC calculation sequence; Speech switching; Select "constant volume test piece cutting machine"; The upper and lower ports of the heater with networking function can stretch out or be flush with the fixed support diaphragm, and its width is half of the inner diameter of the tank. Steam is injected at the top of one side of the heater and discharged at the bottom of the other side for recycling. A discharge pipe is set at the bottom of the tank, and a water pipe and a steam condensate recovery discharge pipe are set on the tank cover

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