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Analysis on the price of plastic raw material HDPE on may31,2016

I. brief introduction to the market

pe market atmosphere is stalemate. If the market fluctuation is not large, the lower the specified creep limit of metal. Near the end of the month, traders are in a strong wait-and-see mood. The operation is mainly shipping, and they pay more attention to the new petrochemical price in June

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

Monday was the memorial day of the United States, and the New York Mercantile Exchange was closed. Brent crude oil rose $0.44 to close at $49.76 a barrel

on Monday (May 30), the price of ethylene in Asia was stable, and the price of CFR Northeast Asia was stable and closed at 1099 USD 5/ton; CFR Southeast Asia prices held steady to close at 1064 5 dollars/ton

III. local market prices

market quotations have stabilized. The demand continues to be flat, and the firm offer transaction is a single negotiation

PE prices in Shantou market were mixed. Some petrochemicals were pressured by the news of price reduction, and some of the offers fell in shock; At the same time, there were not many spot goods at the end of the month, and traders were not willing to cut prices significantly, with a fluctuation range of more than 50 yuan/ton

the price of PE in Changsha market was sorted out. At the end of the month, the market trading was light, and the supply of goods was in short supply. There were not many offers from merchants, and the accompanying offers were the main ones. The downstream demand is flat, and the inquiry is average

the price of PE in Guangzhou market dropped by 50 yuan/ton. The price of petrochemicals is stable and small, the terminal inquiry is general, and the merchants mainly ship goods according to the market and negotiate with each other

four so-called strain gauge sensors, the latest quotation

1, petrochemicals quotation

the pricing of some HDPE in South China of CNPC was lowered. Tub121n3000 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) fell by 100 yuan to 8900 yuan/ton, gc100s (Jilin Petrochemical) fell by 100 yuan to 8900 yuan/ton, and 6097 (Daqing Petrochemical) fell by 9100 yuan/ton

the pricing of PetroChina Southwest HDPE is stable, with 8008 (Sichuan Petrochemical) reporting 8500 yuan/ton, 5000S (Lanzhou Petrochemical) reporting 9500 yuan/ton, and 2911 (Fushun Petrochemical) reporting 9300 yuan/ton

the listing price of CNPC North China HDPE is stable, with 8920 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) reported at 9000 yuan/ton, 2911 (Fushun Petrochemical) reported at 9000 yuan/ton, and 5000S (Daqing Petrochemical) reported at 9500 yuan/ton

2. Quotation of the mall

as of 15:00, the quotation of some brands of HDPE in the spot of sinoplastics has increased by yuan/ton, of which bl3/Iranian Petrochemical has the lowest price of 9500 yuan/ton (up 300). D we have increased the capacity of silicone tube and micro catheter in pipeline extrusion. Mda-8008/Baofeng energy has the lowest price of 8650 yuan/ton (up 50)

v. future forecast

the market has not yet got rid of the deadlock and the price fluctuation is limited. Most traders operate flexibly according to their own source of goods, mainly shipping, and some merchants have negotiation space for actual shipping. Downstream factories mainly purchase on demand, lack confidence in the future market and are confused. It is expected that the short-term market may also maintain the consolidation trend

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