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Report: 1% of active users consume half of the world's mobile broadband on January 6, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, arieso, a British market research company, recently released a research report saying that among all the smart users using mobile broadband in the world, the most active 1% account for 50% of the total traffic; While the most active users of the top 10% of the measured samples consume 90% of the global mobile broadband resources

arieso mainly provides consulting services to major mobile operators and conducts business in European, American and African markets. In November last year, arieso conducted a 24-hour follow-up survey on the data usage of 1.1 million users of a European mobile operator. Arieso said that the latest survey results showed that the gap in data service usage between active and inactive users was widening

arieso said that during 2009, the top 3% of the most active users consumed 40% of mobile broadband resources, while the current ratio has risen to 70%. Michael Flanagan, chief technology officer (CTO) at the connections of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline, said that the people with the highest use of data services can be roughly divided into two categories: first, business people traveling abroad, who need to access the Internet through 3G network during their journey; Second, ordinary consumers who have signed unlimited traffic contracts with mobile operators will watch Internet video and other content through 3G networks

arie function so survey report also shows that among the people with the highest use of data services, 64% use laptops, one third use smart hands to inform everyone, and 3% use Apple iPad tablets

pal zarandy, an analyst at rewheel, a Finnish market research company, believes that in view of the huge difference in data usage between active users and inactive users, mobile operators should timely introduce differential charging schemes. Tencent Technology

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