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Raw water flocculant dosing device (purified water dosing device)

in the conventional water treatment process, adding chemical agents for coagulation is the most critical link, and the dosage of coagulant is determined by the complex water quality and operating conditions. Flowing current detection method is a new automatic control technology for coagulant dosing, which was applied in the 1980s. By detecting the microscopic characteristics of the coagulation process, that is, the change of the flowing charge on the surface of colloidal particles, the system controls a single factor of the flowing current to realize the automatic control of the whole coagulant dosing process in the water treatment dosing process. This technology is an important breakthrough in coagulant dosing

the measurement operation system of the portable spectrometer controlled by the flow current detection method has been applied in hundreds of water treatment plants in Europe and the United States, and achieved good results. At present, most water treatment plants in China use manual experience to control the dosage, which is difficult to adapt to the changing raw water quality, so the drug consumption is high and the effluent quality is unstable. Since the floating potentiostat entered China, the personnel of Qingyuan company with low repeatability of technical test began to apply it to the automatic treatment of raw water. They have many years of experience in the design and commissioning of raw water dosing treatment. The raw water automatic dosing control system of Qingyuan company is widely used in power plants and water plants with good results

compared with other dosing control technologies, this method has the advantages of single detection and control parameters, simple equipment, safety and reliability. The production and use can adapt to the working conditions with great changes and automatic dosing, reducing various adverse factors of artificial dosing. This technology is very suitable for China's national conditions

II: system schematic diagram

sc5200 flowing current instrument integrates sampling probe, signal processing and control output (the user can also configure an external controller if necessary). This series of instruments is the only instrument to detect the coagulation effect in the process (the following figure shows the comparison curve of coagulation effect with and without flowing current instrument)

III: technical parameters

1, SCD instrument

sc2200: Standard Ma swimming current detection output, There is no on-site display

the automatic cleaning function can be selected, which is compatible with the rc72 tension measurement range. 00 controller

sc4200: Standard Ma traveling current detection output, the on-site display

can select the automatic cleaning function, which is compatible with the rc7200 controller

sc5200: Standard Ma traveling current detection output, the on-site display

can select the automatic cleaning function, and the internal controller

2 Turbidity meter

range: ntu

accuracy: NTU ± 0.02ntu

ntu ± 5%ntu

built in patented defoamer, low maintenance, Large screen LCD display

IV: outline and installation dimension drawing

the dimensions of the traveling current meter are as follows:

the turbidimeter can be installed on the wall or column

V: list of main system configurations

serial number

name, model, specification and quantity remarks

1 flow current meter scd5200 1

2 turbidimeter 1720e 1

3 dosing pump 2 depends on the dosage

4 frequency converter 540 2

5 control cabinet 1

6 controller qyk if What problems do you have in using z-iii 1

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