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High efficiency and low consumption E-Series volueless fan in Shuangcheng fan

American Shuangcheng fan sztcf_ COM is the world's largest supplier of vortex free fans, and it is also the first batch of arr.1 and arr.3 that have obtained AMCA noise and performance certification. Here we show you the characteristics of color screen electronic tensile testing machine. Arr.3 transmission arrangement form vortex free fans. It can provide newly designed E-Series volueless fans with two different performance characteristics

nine blade impeller

e series volute free nine blade impeller includes EPF and EPF. The development of new chemical fiber materials is gradually becoming the main theme of the industry. There are two models

epf adopts the design of nine airfoil blade double city wind wheel with high efficiency and low consumption, which can often enable the fan to complete the work requirements without increasing power in a small model. Its transmission arrangement is mainly arr.3

epfn adopts the same design of nine airfoil blade wind wheel with high efficiency and low consumption as EPF, but the difference is that the transmission arrangement adopted by epfn is based on the unimpeded arr.1 or arr.4 imported

twelve blade impeller

e series twelve blade impeller without volute mainly has two models: EPQ and EPQN

epq type twelve airfoil blade double city wind turbine design produces a flat noise spectrum, reduces the excitation of sharp pure sound quality, and makes the noise characteristics of the whole fan more excellent. Its transmission arrangement is mainly arr.3

epqn type has excellent noise characteristics because it is also a twelve airfoil blade. But the biggest difference between it and EPQ type is that it adopts the arr.1 or arr.4 transmission arrangement with unimpeded inlet

the Twin City fan without volute has the characteristics of low vibration. However, when they encounter harsh low vibration requirements, they can adopt ultra-low vibration (ULV) patented technology for full frequency dynamic balance correction

Shuangcheng fan can provide a complete vibration report, including frequency band peak summary, 3-axis spectrum diagram, waterfall (cascade) diagram, time domain wave improving wastewater quality diagram, transient capture (deceleration) diagram

in the design of E-series volueless fans, space is an important index, so the compact transmission arrangement of arr.3 is often used in its structural configuration. There are bearings and their fixing strips at the inlet of arr.3, which will have a definite impact on the performance of the fan

in order to make the investment value of users return to the ticket price, E-Series vortex free fans have passed the certification of American air transmission and control industry association AMAC, and are allowed to use their certification marks

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