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Shangri la Hotel China stores fully use EastFax fax server

ctiforum news on August 23 (Jia Er): as the world's top 500 hotels, Shangri La has become a well-known hotel brand suitable for Asian culture with its luxurious and comfortable hardware facilities and the hospitality of Asians. In 2012, from Shangri La Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai to more than 30 hotels across the country, the integrated solution of EastFax fax fax server + Fuji Xerox DocuWorks was gradually implemented, which solved the problem of complicated faxes in the hotel reservation department, and has become a flagship solution in the hotel industry

the legend of Shangri La Hotel began in 1971. The first luxury hotel was established in Singapore. Today, the group has more than 70 city and resort hotels, covering Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe. In Shangri La hotels all over the world, they all emphasize the sincere and heartfelt hospitality of Shangri La. They have won the same reputation in countless public and industry elections, and are regarded as one of the best hotel management groups in the world

among the many Shangri La hotels, the long-standing Shangri La Hotel Pudong Shanghai is famous at home and abroad for its warm and considerate Shangri La style service and world-class catering. The hotel is located in the business center, adjacent to the Pujiang River, overlooking the charming scenery, and the geographical location is unparalleled. Superior comprehensive factors make Shangri La Pudong Shanghai have all kinds of heavy orders every day. How to effectively handle these faxed orders, do a good job in classification, and make it easy to save and query has always been the difficulty that Shangri La Pudong Shanghai wants to overcome from import to production

by comprehensively comparing the background, technical strength, product performance, price and other aspects of fax server developers in the market, Shangri La Hotel finally chose EastFax fax fax server, which is also famous in the fax service industry and has many users' successful application experience. Through the application of EastFax fax server, the archiving management of fax documents in Shangri La Hotel is easily solved. From the original fax that is easy to be lost and difficult to find, to the current fax automatic archiving management, search on demand, the processing speed of booking fax is shortened from half an hour to 5 minutes. Employees send and receive faxes directly in the computer through EastFax fax fax server to confirm orders, One person can complete the fax work that can only be done by ten people, which greatly improves the efficiency of the reservation department, and the later protection is simple and convenient. At the same time, it also makes a qualitative leap in customer satisfaction

in this scheme, EastFax fax fax server is deeply integrated with DocuWorks document management software of Fuji Xerox. When receiving the booking fax of the 10000 ton carbon graphite cathode material project invested by customer Yicheng Xinneng, the EastFax fax fax system will immediately transmit the fax document to DocuWorks document management software, and DocuWorks will classify the fax according to the key information such as the call number and time, Customer service staff can quickly pick up the customer's name, arrival date, booking organization and other fax content, and confirm and check the fax content. After the documents are processed, they will be automatically archived according to the preset rules for future query

the stable and efficient use of fax has enabled Shangri La Hotel to gradually expand the EastFax fax server from the pilot in Shanghai to more than 30 hotels across the country, and the fax problems of all branches have become easy through EastFax. Streamlined interface, stable 3: Base: the performance and humanized service of the hydraulic cylinder installed on the base. EastFax takes customers first and brings customers a new realm of fax, just as Shangri La Hotel brings customers the same extraordinary experience of Shangri La hospitality

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