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The newly unveiled E0 grade board in 2010 will become a highlight

in the home furnishing industry, whether it is home decoration or furniture, everyone has never stopped chasing to improve the environmental protection performance of products. Jilin Forest Industry officially launched the standard E0 grade plate specification, which has been rapidly promoted and applied in domestic panel furniture brands. The concept of "super E0 grade plate" proposed by egger has attracted the attention of the whole industry, and the plate upgrade is expected to trigger another innovation in the household industry

Due to the demand, "plate upgrading" has become the unanimous aspiration of consumers

in recent years, there have been frequent reports of consumers' health damage due to excessive formaldehyde in furniture products all over the country. The results show that in a space of 100 square meters, it is appropriate to use no more than 20 E1 grade plates of standard size. As the most basic requirement of the home furnishing industry, "environmental protection and health" has attracted much attention and become a sharp tool for image publicity of high-end brands. On the one hand, consumers' environmental protection requirements for household products are increasing. Enterprises promote environmental protection in order to meet the needs of consumers. On the other hand, the panel furniture market is still immature, and a large number of non environmental friendly furniture products still exist

the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the quality supervision bureaus of all provinces have published the quality supervision and inspection results of furniture products for many times, and the qualified rate of wooden furniture has been low. In the random inspection results of wood furniture quality released by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, 367 kinds of unqualified furniture were found, of which 102 products were due to the excessive formaldehyde emission. The wood furniture with the highest excessive formaldehyde emission exceeded 11 times the national standard. The quality supervision personnel found that most of these furniture enterprises did not strictly control the purchase of wood-based panels and other raw materials, or were greedy for cheap, knowing that they were low-quality panels, but still "laughed"

facing the notorious panel furniture market, consumers have to be vigilant

according to a survey, nearly 80% of friends will pay attention to the brand of panel furniture when buying panel furniture, nearly 70% of friends will choose to use E0 grade environmental protection panel furniture, and upgrading E1 grade panel to E0 grade panel has become the unanimous aspiration of the majority of consumers

the industry has upgraded, and the E0 grade plate standard has officially "scrambled for class and power"

nowadays, E1 grade plates are widely used in the domestic home decoration, furniture and cabinet markets, and E0 grade plates are often "heard but not seen". This situation is expected to change in 2010. E0 grade plate is expected to completely replace E1 grade plate and become the protagonist of the market

in fact, insiders know that the concept of "E0 grade plate" does not exist in European plate production standards. Looking at the world, only Finland, the company's main color masterbatch products are black and white masterbatches. Japan and Japan have officially implemented a plate standard similar to E0 grade, which is the result of most of the so-called E0 grade standards in the domestic plate market

it is reported that the enterprise standard of "E0 grade particleboard used in dry state" independently drafted by Jilin Forest Industry, the most famous plate enterprise in China, has passed the local review and become a local industry standard

Tang Jiyu, the president of Henan Furniture Association, believes that the emergence of this standard has broken the dilemma of "no E0 standard to rely on" in the production of the domestic panel industry, and many furniture brands have adopted panels that are higher than E1 and E2 environmental protection standards before, so far they also have a formal "reputation"

Lushuihe E0 grade plate has been fully put on the market, and major home decoration companies and cabinet furniture brands have begun to adopt this kind of plate and publicize it as the biggest selling point of the product

there will be competition when there is demand. Except Jilin Forest Industry, other plate brands are not idle

egger plate introduced the foreign E0 grade plate standard into China a few years ago. Recently, egger has attracted the attention of the industry again with its "super E0 grade plate"

it is reported that egger "super E0 board" does not use any glue containing formaldehyde in the production process, so that its board can be comparable with fresh wood, and its environmental protection performance is naturally better than E0 board

the selection of high-quality plates is increasing, which has attracted the attention of many high-end brands in the industry. It is reported that Boloni has officially joined egger's "super E0" camp, and its cabinets, cloakrooms and other products produced with "super E0" egger plates will soon meet with the majority of consumers who should not have peeling and scattering

who will pay the bill? The "slight price rise" of home decoration and furniture means that consumers can fully accept high-quality boards, which means that the cost of home decoration and furniture will inevitably rise. If all high-quality E0 grade plates are used, industrial price increases will be inevitable

it can be seen from the data that the selling price of Lushuihe grade E0 board of Jilin Forest Industry is at least 10% higher than that of ordinary domestic grade E1 board, and egger "super grade E0 board" is more than 30% higher than that of ordinary domestic board. The price difference of panel furniture products produced with this board is also within the corresponding range

in contrast, in the cabinet industry, because the cost of countertops and hardware also accounts for a large proportion, the price fluctuation caused by plate upgrading is much smaller, far lower than panel furniture

how do consumers view this possible industrial price rise trend

interviewed several consumers who were choosing furniture at random in several major home furnishing markets, and most of the answers were "as long as the price increase is reasonable, it is completely acceptable"

Ms. Han, who lives in the western suburbs of Zhengzhou, said that the sales volume of China's concrete machinery industry exceeded 90billion yuan in 2010. Whether it is decoration or buying furniture, it is a mass consumption. What we want is environmental protection and high quality. "If the cost rise is caused by the upgrading of environmental protection standards for plates, it is understandable and acceptable as long as the manufacturer has reasonable reasons for the price rise and the price rise is not large." Ms. Han said

in 2010, the newly unveiled E0 grade plate is expected to become the most attractive consumption highlight in the household industry

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