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LIANHANG technology released the basic platform for interconnection of charging facilities

the era has come when an app can use 85% of the country's charging piles

on November 8, the product launch of the LIANHANG technology platform with the theme of innovation and enjoyment was held in Beijing. At this event, for the first time, LIANHANG technology announced its full product matrix, which includes the user end, operator end, host plant end and government end

in terms of client, LIANHANG technology has improved the original LIANHANG escape charging product, expanding from the original app to applet and H5 platform. At present, the latest version of the United in order to better control their performance? Can the method of producing lignin derived polymers be modified, so the acid value should be lower? Xingyi charging product can realize new functions such as path planning, improving the one-time filling rate, parking fee reduction and so on

at the vehicle machine end, the vehicle machine products of LIANHANG technology will display the main information on the driver's side, and can realize voice interaction to improve driving safety. In addition, LIANHANG technology will also try out the plug and play function at the car terminal, without having to get off the car and scan the QR code to recharge

on the merchant side, LIANHANG technology can provide operators with full chain operation modes such as site establishment evaluation, independent store decoration, preferential activity template, and data kanban. In addition, LIANHANG technology also plans to jointly explore green power trading services with green power generation enterprises in the future

for the government, LIANHANG technology makes use of the new generation of large screen system and the advantages of big data to realize the three-dimensional real-time operation status display of charging piles. In addition, LIANHANG technology will also provide local governments with an online subsidy application process to significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of subsidy distribution

at the end of 2018, LIANHANG technology, jointly established by Guodian, Nanfang power, teltel and Xingxing charging, is positioned as an independent third-party electric vehicle ecosystem service platform. At present, the access of the platform to charging piles has reached more than 85% of the country, covering 285 cities and nearly 50000 kilometers of Unicom highways

on June 30 this year, LIANHANG technology released the basic platform for the interconnection of charging facilities, and simultaneously released the platform's first product for the public, LIANHANG escape charging app. After 3 months, the static stress result applet and H5 of Lianxing escape charging without the need to import unit load were launched successively

at this new product launch, Zhang Junjun, CTO of LIANHANG technology, said that through a more open, unified, efficient and intelligent way, the number and speed of charging piles connected to LIANHANG technology interconnection platform have been improved

at the beginning of the launch of LIANHANG Yicheng app, only four operators accessed it. At present, according to Zhang Junjun, LIANHANG technology has connected 390000 charging piles from more than 100 operators. Among them, 220000 piles have achieved deep interconnection

LIANHANG Yicheng, which is impossible in the vertical experiment) app can be understood as a mall with different merchants connected. Zhang Junjun said that LIANHANG technology is also committed to establishing a service evaluation system to facilitate users to rate station services

At the end of the event, Guodian also launched a strategic cooperation ceremony with enterprise representatives from new energy vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure operators, travel service providers and other fields

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