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Liang Wengen was re elected as "CCTV China's economic person of the year"

Liang Wengen was re elected as "CCTV China's economic person of the year"

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Guide: on the evening of December 12, the selection results of CCTV China's economic person of the year, known as the economic Oscar, were announced in Beijing. Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, was named 2012 China's economic person of the year with a series of strategies and measures this year. This year's selection of China's economic figures of the year

on the evening of December 12, the results of the selection of "CCTV China's economic person of the year", known as the "Oscar" in the economic circle, were announced in Beijing. Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, won the "2012 China's economic person of the year" with a series of strategies and measures this year

the theme of this year's "person of the year of China's economy" is "the mission of industry". Liang Wengen was jointly elected with 10 people from the economic community, including Ma Yun, Yang Yuanqing, Ning Gaoning, Wang Jianlin, Zhang Weigong, Hu Wenming, song Zhiping, Yu Liang, Guan Xiyou. This is the second time that Liang Wengen has won this honor after winning the "person of the year of China's economy in 2005". It is worth mentioning that Liang Wengen is also one of the few people elected twice in the history of the award

Liang Wengen's "benchmark 2012"

in the past 20 years of entrepreneurship, Liang Wengen has always adhered to industry and made efforts to bring made in China to the world stage. It is well deserved to win the title of CCTV's economic figure of the year for the second time. Especially in 2012, under the leadership of Liang Wengen, a series of major events of Sany trading were of great benchmarking significance

in January, Sany Heavy Industry invested 360million euros to acquire Germany's Putzmeister (commonly known as elephant), which is "the first brand of global concrete machinery". As a rare acquisition of global industry brand No.1 initiated by Chinese enterprises, Liang Wengen's move not only brought Sany's internationalization forward by years, but also changed the world competition pattern. This strategic acquisition is also known as "a transaction of great exemplary significance in the history of Sino German trade". The integration effect after the acquisition is also noteworthy. Liang Wengen said not long ago, "the elephant sales profit in 2012 is expected to be more than 40million euros, far more than 6million euros last year."

In March, Sany Heavy Industry signed an agreement with Austrian parfiger company to jointly establish two joint ventures. With this move, Sany Heavy Industry officially entered the field of truck mounted cranes on the one hand, and on the other hand, Sany crane's overseas expansion has been significantly accelerated again. 2. Often check whether the oil is clean or not

in September, facing the ban of CFIUS (American Overseas Investment Commission) and President Obama, the affiliated company of Sany group controlled by Liang Wengen changed the "tradition" of Chinese enterprises in the face of unequal treatment in international trade, and brought Obama and CFIUS to court at one stroke. This is also the first time that Chinese manufacturing enterprises have taken up legal weapons to say "no" to American trade protectionism

in November, Sany Heavy Industry announced the largest equity incentive plan in the history of Hunan shares - the 178million equity incentive plan, which benefited 2533 employees. "Liang style generosity" and sany "wealth making factory" are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

today's battery diaphragm enterprises will further improve the performance of existing diaphragm experimental products in the future. In, Liang Wengen was also elected as the 18th party representative. During the 18th CPC National Congress, Sany, led by Liang Wengen, was praised as "a resounding Chinese business card" in the CCTV special program "focus on the 18th CPC National Congress" for its outstanding performance in major international events such as the rescue of Chile in 2010, the rescue of Fukushima in 2011, and the acquisition of elephants in 2012

in 2011, the operating revenue of Sany group exceeded 80billion yuan. However, Liang Wengen, who has always believed in "quality changes the world", still has a bigger dream. In his view, Sany's goal is to become a world-class enterprise, and sany should contribute a world-class brand to China. Not long ago, Liang Wengen also said, "after 10 years, Sany's sales will reach at least 300billion yuan."

grasp the weathervane of China's economy

the selection of "CCTV China's economic person of the year" was first held in 2000 and is one of the weathervanes of China's economy. Over the past decade, more than 100 people from the economic community have been selected, including Liang Wengen and more than 10 people including Wu Jinglian, Zhang Ruimin, Liu Yonghao, Wang Jianlin and Yang Yuanqing

in 2012, China's economic challenges continued, and steady growth has become the current top priority. This year, China's annual economic figure selection focuses on the "industry" brand, calls for the return and revitalization of industry, and commends outstanding practitioners in the real economy and groups that have made significant contributions to the development of the real economy

in the field of China's construction machinery where Liang Wengen is located, he is regarded as a leader and "the first person in private heavy industry". Over the past 20 years, Liang Wengen has made great achievements in promoting the rise of China's construction machinery industry and promoting "made in China" to the world. He was selected as the "economic person of the year" twice

in 2005, the Shanghai stock index fell 1000 points, and the split share structure reform was regarded as a good medicine and used to revitalize China's capital market. Driven by Liang Wengen, Sany Heavy Industry, as a pioneer, successfully implemented the share trading reform plan in the first company in the country, becoming the "first share of China's share reform", and was recorded in the history of China's capital market. That year, Liang Wengen won the title of "person of the year of China's economy" for the first time because of his outstanding performance in China's securities market reform

in 2012, the global economic weakness and China's economic adjustment brought double pressure to enterprises. Liang Wengen's construction machinery market once declined, and irrational competition intensified. In this regard, Liang Wengen, on the one hand, put forward the business policy of "one need and three don't" (to pursue profitability, don't blindly pursue scale, don't blindly pursue seats, and don't blindly pursue market share), which aims to promote benign competition and boost industry confidence. On the other hand, he led Sany's corresponding quality standards and measures to precipitate, firmly seized the development opportunities of the international market, and accelerated the pace of "going out", Sany's overseas revenue is expected to reach 10billion yuan this year

in terms of product research and development, Sany has always insisted on "quality changes the world". At present, Sany's product design has gone beyond the imitation stage. At the Shanghai BMW exhibition, which ended last month, Sany Heavy Industry was the largest exhibitor of the BMW exhibition, with a total of 51 exhibits, making a strong debut, with a record number of exhibits. Among them, Sany research and development, using the latest design of folding boom truck mounted crane, 12t straight boom truck mounted crane is particularly eye-catching. According to the evaluation of industry experts, when the market is slightly depressed, the stable development of Sany in the industry as long as Taiwan manufacturers master the key technology and continue to innovate has boosted market confidence

however, in Liang Wengen's view, his achievements today are still insignificant compared with the ideal of "serving the country through industry" and the lofty life goal he set in his youth. If you are satisfied with this, you are just a self-employed person who has achieved a little and is complacent. He believes that "Pride and impetuosity are the embodiment of unclear goals. Only by closely linking personal goals with the fate of the country can an entrepreneur truly realize his self-worth"

Liang Wengen said: "the influence of entrepreneurs is not how much they own, but how much they create and change, so the influence of entrepreneurs mainly lies in their contributions."

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