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Leyad, JINDA and Purui jointly build Leshan's "night tour of the three rivers"

recently, the Leshan "night tour of the three rivers" project jointly built by lyad group JINDA lighting and Purui lighting made an amazing debut

it is reported that from the tender opening of the project on July 27 to the present wonderful picture, lyad group JINDA lighting and Puri lighting have only spent 45 days to give a satisfactory answer to the people of Leshan

the "night tour of the three rivers" is divided into four parts: the first awakening of the Sleeping Buddha, the landscape of traditional Chinese painting, the reproduction of the ancient city and the host of traditional Chinese painting. It consists of four columns, an upper beam, a middle beam and a workbench. From different angles, it uses lighting technology to show Leshan and the relationship between mountains, waters, cities and Buddha

the night scene lighting of the project uses more than 80000 sets of light sets. The night scene lifting range spans about 7 kilometers. The total length of the night scene line is about 24 kilometers. Equipment that can replace imported products has been developed. The project adopts intelligent digital lighting system, which has the characteristics of good deductive effect, energy conservation, environmental protection, durability and so on

the operation of the "night tour of the three rivers" project has brought a new business form of "night tour of Leshan". It will become a new business card of Leshan tourism and drive the continuous development of night tour economy. This project is also the summit forum of leyad group following the G20 in Hangzhou and the the Belt and Road in Huairou, Beijing, The BRICs tensile testing machine can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine. It is another masterpiece to help the city's night tourism economy after meeting with Xiamen Gulangyu and other projects

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