The hottest Liangmao futures Tianjiao fell by the

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Liangmao Futures: it is difficult to be optimistic about the market after the limit of Tianjiao

affected by the sharp low opening of rijiao, the main force of Shanghai Jiao 0911 opened at the limit of 13495, but found that the record was unstable, and there were many burrs. The Bulls wanted to push up the futures price, but there was a lot of pressure at 13700 yuan, which closed at 13570 yuan in the morning. In the late afternoon, the price continued to decline, and the life was less than 1/5 of the average life of the industry products. It closed at the limit, and the intraday warehouse volume decreased, Judging from the top 20 positions of the last stock exchange, Nanhua futures' long positions increased significantly, while Zhejiang Yongan, a long position in the early stage, reduced its positions significantly today. On the whole, speculative funds are more cautious about the market in the past two days. The market was digested in advance due to the positive effect brought by the U.S. election, resulting in a sharp decline in overnight crude oil and a sharp drop in market sentiment. The demand of downstream manufacturers continues to deteriorate. This year, Thailand's overall supply is still relatively sufficient. The early default of the demander has increased the supply of about 10000 tons in the market. The current situation of "made in China" over supply still exists. In the future, investors are expected to wait and see the implementation results of the policies of the three major rubber producing countries and the OPEC oil production reduction plan

outer market: TOCOM rijiao was affected by the sharp decline in crude oil in the morning, jumping short and opening low at 177 yen, and the technical rebound ended

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