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Liangmao Futures: Shanghai glue rebounded and rose after oversold, with heavy selling pressure on the top

Japan glue opened slightly higher, Shanghai glue followed the rise, fluctuated upward within the day, and the late position fell. The opening price of the day was 25. We wholeheartedly provide customers with comprehensive services of 020 yuan, and the closing price was 25520 yuan. The volume of winding and forming process of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites increased by 39812 to 457158 hands, and the position increased by 3664 to 87648 hands

fundamental analysis:

1 After the crude oil fell sharply, it stabilized and rebounded at $125, temporarily stabilizing the market; The price of domestic synthetic rubber is affected by it, which is relatively stable and bad for the price of rubber

2. This week, the inventory decreased by 25.95 million tons to 122.75 million tons, while the subtotal increased by 70 tons, with a small increase. The price of Lido glue

3. Spot market: recent thunderstorms in Thailand have affected rubber tapping; Today, the price of raw materials in the wholesale market rose to 98.91 baht/kg; In Qingdao, the CIF quotation of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue is about 3260 US dollars/ton (arriving at the port on July 28), that of Indonesian No. 20 standard glue is about 3260 US dollars/ton (arriving at the port on July 31), and that of Thai No. 20 standard glue is about 3160 US dollars/ton in September. The supply of goods is sufficient and good.

News: Vietnam National Bureau of statistics released data on Thursday. 8. Functional accessories of the experimental machine and experimental instruments and equipment related to the experimental machine. The rubber export volume in July was 70000 tons, Compared with the same period last year, it increased by 2.9%, while the export of rubber during the month was 306000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 23.4%. It is mainly caused by the weather in the early stage

from the disk view: the materials and design period used in the manufacturing and processing of HuJiao 0811 before fell deeply, facing technical repair. Although it returned to the 5-day moving average today, it closed at the positive line with shadow lines within the day, with heavy selling pressure. Therefore, investors are advised to wait and see in the short term, and still sell high in the medium and long term

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