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Lianbao Shengyong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional agent of industrial control (embedded) products, integrating project plan, agent sales, technical support and after-sales service. As one of the companies invested by Hong Kong Lianbao group in the mainland, it has branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Qingdao, Suzhou, Dalian, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other major cities across the country

as a professional industrial control (embedded) product agent, an international company has established a good long-term cooperative relationship with international well-known brands such as Taiwan via, fudia, Sr power and Hong Kong Junyi. Recently, it joined hands with Kontron in Germany to become its exclusive general agent in China. Due to the continuous expansion of business, we are looking for agents with secondary strength

Kontron embedded computers is a listed company publicly issued in Neuer mark, Frankfurt. It is also the world's largest provider of embedded computer solutions. It is the largest global group in the industrial control market at present. R & D and production bases are located in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, providing professional solutions and support services to customers all over the world. Kontron group currently has more than 4000 product categories, which are suitable for communication, industrial automation, medicine, aviation, military and other fields, and provide users with a full range of system solutions. Especially in the provision of embedded system, it is appreciated by users all over the world

Lianbao Shengyong electronic secondary agent policy:

the safety requirements when connecting with rope clips should comply with gb5967 (2) 006 "steel wire rope clip" I. agent qualification

1 Officially registered with the Administration for Industry and commerce, it has a considerable number of Companies in related industries, is familiar with the local industrial control industry market, and has a number of stable customers

2. Establish industrial control products as the main business direction of the company. There are at least two business personnel who have strong business development ability and have a better understanding of the following information than everyone. They are full-time salesmen of Lianbao Shengyong products, and are able to introduce products, provide solutions, answer general technical problems, install and debug hardware/systems, and provide after-sales services

Second, the division of agency regions

according to the analysis of market capacity, priority should be given to economically developed regions:

first tier cities: Shanghai


Guangzhou, Shenzhen

second tier cities: Chongqing, Chengdu

Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou

Qingdao, Dalian

Xi'an, Wuhan

Third, agent discount

1, Lianbao Shengyong electronics has formulated the national unified market price according to the standard series products.For reference, The agent products are supplied to the agent at a unified discount, and the agent can set its own price according to the local market conditions

2. Sales rebate: in addition to providing goods at a discount to agents, rebates are made according to different sales volumes every year

3. The payment method is one-time payment and delivery upon payment

4. Goods cannot be returned. They can be exchanged according to the actual sales situation, but the integrity of products and packaging must be guaranteed

IV. rights and obligations of both parties

1 Based on the principles of mutual trust, equal cooperation and common development, Lianbao Shengyong Electronics Co., Ltd. and its agents jointly explore the local market

2. Lianbao Shengyong Electronics Co., Ltd. provides sales, training, product and technical support to agents for many years

3. Lianbao Shengyong Electronics Co., Ltd. holds an agent meeting every year to summarize the work of the previous year, exchange experience and commend excellent agents, and arrange new year's plans at the same time

4. Lianbao Shengyong Electronics Co., Ltd. will assess the agents on an annual basis. If the regional performance is less than 2.5 million yuan in first tier cities and less than 1 million yuan in second tier cities, Lianbao Shengyong electronics has the right to reduce the discount or terminate the contract as appropriate

5. The agent of wet diaphragm 1 has been using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene as raw material. The supplier must try its best to expand the market in the agent area and sell directly to customers

6. It is not allowed to develop and sell other brands and products similar to Lianbao Shengyong electronics

7. Agents must participate in the technical and sales training of Lianbao Shengyong electronic products

8. Agents are not allowed to sell across regions. We can find out which agent's goods are according to the product number. Once found, we will deal with them seriously. If the need for cross regions is due to customer relations, the agent will propose in advance, with an increase of 1.12 million tons compared with 2014, and Lianbao Shengyong Electronics will be responsible for the mediation

9. Other businesses introduced by the agent to Lianbao Shengyong Electronics will be given a certain percentage of commission according to the specific situation (such businesses are not included in the agent's task amount)

the partner we are looking for needs to be able to provide a strong guarantee in terms of marketing and constantly feed back the latest market information. At the same time, Lianbao Shengyong electronics provides strong technical/product support in the background to ensure the smooth and complementary cooperation. The cooperation between each other has far-reaching significance and influence, aiming to combine the technical and market advantages of Lianbao Shengyong electronics and its partners, so that both sides can go hand in hand and develop together

if you are interested in joining the agent of Lianbao Shengyong, please call, e-mail to sales_ Team7@, contact: Miss Song

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