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In order to accelerate the interconnection of charging facilities and promote the sustainable development of electric vehicle charging services, on June 30, LIANHANG technology released the interconnection infrastructure platform in Beijing, and simultaneously released the first derivative of the platform for the public -- LIANHANG escape charging ™ app。 At the press conference, the first appearance of the basic platform for interconnection of science and technology of the bank not only gathered the full amount of public charging piles, but also became the cornerstone of the product matrix of the bank. Based on the "cornerstone", LIANHANG will derive different products and solutions for the government, industry and new energy vehicle owners through ABC (ai+ bigdata+cloud) technology

6.30 at the product launch site of the interconnection foundation platform of the charging facilities of the United Bank of science and technology, Jiang Bing, chairman of the United Bank of science and technology, first delivered a speech on behalf of the United Bank of science and technology. Jiang Bing stressed that the founding purpose of LIANHANG technology is to participate in the construction of an open and cooperative new energy vehicle service ecosystem, based on the charging facility interconnection platform, focus on the industrial data service of vertebral body replacement coke, promote cross industry data fusion, continuously improve the user experience of new energy vehicles, and help the healthy development of fatigue life experiment industry suitable for various parts, springs, materials, etc. He reviewed the important events since the establishment of the company, shared the series of progress made by LIANHANG technology, and said that LIANHANG technology would work with partners to realize technological innovation and value creation and make new contributions to industrial development

Huang, general manager of the technology charging service center of the United Bank, from the day it was established to today, this database has rolled over the mountains and then stepped on the stage. He first introduced the four advantages of the basic platform of the technology interconnection of the United Bank: openness, unity, intelligence and efficiency. "Open" means that operators can join the platform independently regardless of size and region; "Unified", that is, the platform will follow the standard agreement of China Power union interconnection and interoperability, and will launch standardized enterprise level medium-sized applications such as reconciliation, settlement, invoice, customer service one by one; "Efficiency" is reflected in the fact that the platform adopts full cloud native applications and takes the lead in trying out the third-generation microservice architecture, so it has advantages in isolation, scalability and frequent release; "Intelligence", that is, the platform applies AI algorithm to flow computing to obtain higher real-time performance, and takes the lead in pile station feature extraction, pile station portrait, intelligent recommendation, etc

Huangshan also shared a series of interconnection "key figures" with the guests: as of the first half of 2019, LIANHANG technology has signed up more than 30 domestic charging operators and connected 350000 public charging piles, accounting for more than 80% of the total domestic public charging piles; Among them, 170000 are deeply interconnected, which fully supports the start-up, stop, payment and settlement processes

in the future, for travel companies, the inter-bank platform can optimize station recommendations according to different operating models, volumes, models and other variables, and provide a package of enterprise level applications, including account, charging, finance, invoice management and other functions; Inter bank will also work with operators to customize charging packages to reduce enterprise charging costs. For electric vehicle host manufacturers, the inter-bank platform will provide more accurate vehicle pile data matching, improve the compatibility of charging services, and help optimize the after-sales experience

in response to the needs of the government, LIANHANG technology will give full play to the "full volume" information advantage, provide platform supervision tools for government departments at all levels, realize online subsidy process audit, multi-dimensional supervision of charging operation, optimization of urban charging layout and verification of post meter data of charging piles, provide distribution planning services for electricity, participate in charging scheduling and orderly charging

schematic diagram of the government platform supervision platform product of LIANHANG technology

LIANHANG technology's first charging service product for the public -- LIANHANG escape charging ™ The app was also released at the same time and launched on Apple App store and Android platform. This "pile finding artifact" can meet the personalized needs of users, and adopts triple verification to improve the accuracy of pile station information and the certainty of equipment availability, so that users can find available charging piles quickly; The unique "full advantage" of public station information, the "navigation guidebook" standard, and the multi factor intelligent recommendation algorithm can enable new energy owners to have a "worry free charging" experience

function diagram of LIANHANG escape charging (TM) app

LIANHANG escape charging ™ The app service has been launched in Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Xi'an and other places. It will be launched in Tianjin, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha and Guangzhou in August, and will be opened nationwide in 2019. Inter bank escape charge ™ The launch of will greatly reduce the "charging anxiety" of car owners, and allow more prospective car owners who are worried about "charging difficulties" to boldly embrace electric vehicles

in the future, LIANHANG technology will work with industry partners to increase the R & D and promotion of industry applications, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of the industry; Continuously listen to user feedback and continuously improve the product experience; Provide government departments with charging facility supervision platform services with the development history of reliable material testing machines, help China's sustainable development of new energy travel, and constantly empower the upstream and downstream of the new energy industry chain

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