Basic knowledge of the hottest boring machine

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Basic knowledge of boring machine

1. Function and main working range of boring machine

answer: the main function of boring machine is to bore various holes and hole systems on workpiece, which is especially suitable for the processing of porous box parts. In addition, it can also process planes, grooves, etc

The main working range of the boring machine is:

(1) the workpiece can be drilled, reamed and reamed on the boring machine

(2) capable of boring holes or hole systems of various large and medium-sized parts

(3) be able to use the boring machine spindle, install milling cutter head or other milling cutters, and mill the workpiece flexibly and adaptively

(4) on the horizontal boring machine, the flat disc and other machine tool accessories can also be used to bore large holes, large end faces, grooves and threads, which also explains its operation and other special boring processing

2. What are the main components of T68 horizontal boring machine

answer: T68 split horizontal boring machine is mainly composed of bed, spindle box, spindle parts, workbench and rear column with tailstock. The worktable component is composed of sliding seat, upper sliding seat and rotary worktable

3. What are the lubrication methods of boring machine? Which parts of T68 horizontal boring machine need to be lubricated every shift

answer: the lubrication methods of the boring machine include oil pouring lubrication, oil pump circulating lubrication, oil splashing. If the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, it will affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor. Lubrication, marble oil cup lubrication, grease lubrication

the parts of T68 horizontal boring machine that need to be lubricated once per shift include: rotary bearing of workbench; Spindle feed screw bearing; Operate the handwheel; The worktable computer automatically calculates the uniform force value and uniform strength driving nut, as well as the guide rail of the bed and sliding seat

3. How many hours of cumulative operation of the boring machine need first-class maintenance? What are the main contents of the first level maintenance

answer: after the boring machine has operated for 800H in total, it needs first-class maintenance according to the regulations

the main contents of the first level maintenance are:

(1) external maintenance mainly removes the external dirt and rust of the machine tool, keeps the transmission parts clean, and replenishes the fastening handle and screws

(2) maintenance and adjustment of spindle box and feed gearbox V-belt and spindle box clamping pull rod; Clean all oil filters and oil tanks; Check the fastening of the steel wire rope of the counterweight; Scrub the sliding plate of the flat rotating disc and adjust the inlay strip, etc

(3) maintenance of worktable and bed guide rail, scrub all parts of the worktable, adjust the gap between retaining iron and inlay strip, and polish burrs

(4) maintenance of the rear column, scrub each rear bearing seat and screw rod, and adjust the clearance of the inlay strip

(5) maintenance and cleaning of lubrication system, oil lines, linoleum and oil grooves; Clean the cooling pump, oil filter, filtration and cooling box; Fill the oil cup

(6) maintenance of electrical parts clean the electrical box and motor, and keep the electrical devices fixed, safe and tidy

4. What safety techniques must boring workers follow

answer: boring workers must comply with the following safety techniques:

(1) before work, they must check the equipment and work site to eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents

(2) during boring, it is strictly forbidden to measure the size of the workpiece and align the template. It is not allowed to touch the processing surface by hand, close the head to the processing place, and take things across the rotating boring bar

(3) the screws of the tool holder of the flat rotating disc should be tightened, and it is not allowed to brake the rotating boring bar and flat rotating disc by hand

(4) when turning the workbench, the boring bar must be retracted to avoid accidents caused by the collision between the boring bar and the workbench

(5) when two or more people operate a boring machine, they should closely cooperate with each other to avoid accidents

(6) strictly implement the shift handover system

(7) the first article inspection system shall be implemented

5. What is crossed? Try to describe the types and functions of scribing

answer: according to the technical requirements of the drawing, the process of drawing the contour line of the part to be processed or the point and line as the benchmark with a scoring tool is called scoring

scribing can be divided into plane scribing and three-dimensional scribing

the function of scribing is:

(1) to make the workpiece have a clear choice goal in space processing

(2) the positional deviation of the workpiece caused by casting can be corrected by scribing and borrowing (borrowing and correcting)

(3) scribing is equivalent to the first inspection of castings and box parts, which avoids defects and defects found after boring and processing, resulting in waste. (end)

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