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Liang Wengen: China's new richest man rising from a poor village in shangou, Hunan Province

Liang Wengen: China's new richest man rising from a poor village in shangou, Hunan Province

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Guide: Profile: Liang Wengen born: 1956 current position: Chairman of Sany Heavy industry experience: Deputy Director of the planning department of Hongyuan Machinery Factory of the Ministry of ordnance industry of China Education: Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry Group, Department of metal materials, Central South University of Hunan Province New fortune miscellaneous

experience: Deputy Director of the planning department of Hongyuan Machinery Factory of the Ministry of ordnance industry of China

Education: Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry Group, Department of metal materials, Central South University of Hunan, became the richest man in China in 2011. Liang Wengen set a number of records: he is the first from inland provinces, a few do not rely on real estate to get rich, and is the first richest person born in China's A-share market. The new richest man has also produced profound enlightenment for the transfer of China's wealth trend

in March 2011, Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, which was damaged by a strong earthquake, suffered a series of explosions and nuclear radiation crises. The Japanese Self Defense Force dispatched helicopters to constantly drop sea water in an effort to cool the high-temperature nuclear power unit, but the helicopter projection was not accurate and wasted a lot of water resources, A senior executive of Tokyo Electric Power Company reported to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, "the 62 meter long arm pump truck produced by China's Sany Heavy Industry can solve the crisis!"

on March 22, the global media kept an eye on whether the Fukushima nuclear power plant exploded. Sany Heavy Industry, headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province, rushed a 62 meter long cement truck, the world's longest, to Shanghai port. Two days later, it arrived in Osaka port. Then the Japanese guard rushed the pump truck, worth $1 million, all the way to the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The accompanying Chinese engineers put on tight radiation protective clothing, It began to pour water into the dilapidated unit 4 day and night, cooling down a century of nuclear energy crisis

the richest man made in China's first A-share market

at the same time, Las Vegas, the United States, on the other side of the earth, is holding an international construction machinery exhibition. Dozens of Sany cranes, excavators, cement watering machines painted with red arms, as well as asphalt pavers and compactors baked with fresh yellow paint, are competing in the outdoor exhibition. In the three-day Las Vegas exhibition, Sany Heavy Industry sold out all the 21 heavy machinery with different functions, with an order amount of more than $200 million, winning the champion of the exhibition sales amount

Forbes magazine, which just released the list of the world's richest people this year, ranked the top four on the list of the richest people in China, including Li Ka Shing, Kwok Binjiang, Li Zhaoji and Zheng Yutong. Robin Lee, who ranked fifth, was the founder of Baidu, a NASDAQ listed company and the Internet search engine. However, a name that was completely unfamiliar to the media appeared in the sixth place: "Liang Wengen, chairman and founder of Sany Heavy Industry", worth 8 billion US dollars, It is nearly 20% higher than the US $6.8 billion of Wang Xuehong, Taiwan's richest man

then on May 9, the local Chinese magazine New Fortune published the "2011 New Fortune 500 rich list". Liang Wengen surpassed Robin Lee and became the richest man in China with a value of more than 50 billion yuan (NT $220 billion). New fortune said that Liang Wengen was "the first richest man to make A-shares and the first richest man from mainland China!" Of course, there are also very few entrepreneurs who can sit on the richest man's throne without relying on real estate

who is Liang Wengen? Why did he accumulate so much wealth? Will it be swept into the garbage of history in an instant like the previous richest man in China

on the day of the release of the rich list, the media all over the mainland desperately wanted to find Liang Wengen. Suddenly, they found that Liang Wengen went to Washington with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan, and was holding a historic "China US strategic and economic dialogue" with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Geithner at the State Guesthouse beside the White House

Liang Wengen, with great momentum, represents the hope of a new generation of Chinese enterprises, which reminds us of the rise of Sony from Japan 30 years ago and Hon Hai from Taiwan 20 years ago. Sany group has jumped onto the international stage since 2003. In a short time, it suddenly became an enterprise with world-class competitiveness, not only dominating at home, but also actively challenging the international stage

The total market value of Sany group has reached NT $600 billion

the development of Sany group has only 25 years of history since Liang Wengen and his partners set up a business with RMB 60000 in 1986. Even the internal documents of Sany group say that they are "post-80s enterprises" (the mainland says that young people born in the 1980s have not experienced hardship and are the post-80s generation of the new generation). However, Sany group has grown at an alarming rate, and its operating revenue and profit have continued to grow at a compound growth rate of 50% per year for ten years. This year, the annual turnover of Sany group's listed companies exceeded 40 billion yuan (180 billion new Taiwan dollars), and its profit target was 8.5 billion yuan, while the initial capital of 60000 yuan that year, Today, the total market value of listed stocks worth 13.25 billion yuan (about NT $600 billion) has rolled out

the key factor for Liang Wengen to win China's richest man is the soaring share price under the rapid growth of Sany group. In 2010, the after tax net income of the listed company Sany Heavy Industry (Shanghai Stock Exchange code: 600031) soared by 186%, and the stock rose as high as 85.5%. Coupled with Liang Wengen's holding of 40% of the equity of Sany Heavy Industry, especially after the government seriously hit the real estate market last year, and real estate tycoons were shot and sacked due to the sharp fall in stock prices, Liang Wengen was crowned the richest man

in fact, the rise of Liang Wengen has extremely important indicator significance in the history of China's enterprise development

Liang Wengen, 55 years old and born in 1956, was born in a small village in the countryside of Hunan Province (Maotang Town, Loudi). In 1979, when Deng Xiaoping promoted reform and opening up, Liang Wengen was 23 years old. At that time, the mainland resumed the college entrance examination, that is, Taiwan's college entrance examination. He was admitted to the Department of metal materials of Central South University in Hunan, and was 27 years old when he graduated. After graduation, he was distributed to Hongyuan Machinery Factory belonging to the Ministry of ordnance industry. After two years of work, he went to the sea to start a business with several friends

Liang Wengen's partners who went to sea together in those years, including Tang Xiuguo, Mao Zhongwu, Yuan Jinhua and others, are still the most important core members of Sany group. Their first business was to sell sheep, because they heard that the price of sheep rose, and they could earn 20 yuan per sheep sold. Unexpectedly, after purchasing, they bought at the high point because of the change of national policy. These four 30-year-old young people quickly admitted their losses

Liang Wengen, who wanted to make a fortune, and his die hard brothers, then collected 60000 yuan from relatives and friends to set up Lianyuan Maotang welding material factory to produce the copper based solder that was popular at that time, and the first batch of goods was sent to the distant northeast Liaoning factory, but it was returned by the Liaoning factory because of poor quality. They went back to school to find teachers for guidance, explored and experimented by themselves, raised their product called 105 copper based solder to the national standard, and finally shipped smoothly, laying the first foundation stone for their career

this "Lianyuan Maotang" company must settle down on the floor to a certain extent. Its name sounds awkward, but it is the combination of the surnames of their four young entrepreneurs | Liang, yuan, Mao and Tang. It also happens to be the location of Loudi District, Lianyuan City and Maotang town where they came from. It was founded in 1986 and renamed Sany Heavy Industry in 1993

Liang Wengen, who grew up in Hunan mountain village, has an extraordinary vision. When Sany Heavy Industry changed its name in 1993, Liang Wengen told employees, "we should learn from the strengths of foreign enterprises in capital, technology, talents, enterprise operation and management mode, but we should also see their weaknesses. We need to use our own strengths to expand in order to win."

it also needs the common reform of other relevant materials and technologies


it has achieved the leading position of concrete pump trucks in the world in one fell swoop

"Lianyuan Maotang" exceeded 10 million yuan in 1989, and was officially renamed Sany Heavy Industry in 1993. The turnover has increased ten times, breaking through 100 million yuan. In 1996, three years later, Sany Heavy Industry has basically been in the field of concrete ready mix trucks, Defeat all state-owned enterprises in the mainland and become the first in China

this achievement is more than twice the area of France, which is certainly related to China's rapid infrastructure development. In 1996, Beijing Capital Airport launched the new construction plan and held the "international competition" when bidding for the huge cement pouring project. Sany concrete pump truck pumped C60 high-grade concrete for 15 days without failure, winning the first place in China and the second place in the world, laying a leading position in the Sany concrete pump truck industry

Liang Wengen and his brothers, in this spirit, continue to attack cities and seize land in the field of construction of mechanical engineering equipment, improve the quality of products, and rely on China's huge domestic demand infrastructure market to reduce costs. From concrete equipment, road construction equipment, excavation machinery, drilling machinery, lifting machinery, port equipment, it is known that the wind power generation equipment entered the year before last are benchmarked by old brand enterprises in Germany and Japan, Try to surpass in quality and price, and seize the market at a low price

the first person in China's equity reform

in addition to being able to produce, Liang Wengen also won the title of "the first person in China's equity reform". All listed companies in the mainland have a large number of state-owned equity problems. The state-owned equity holds the control of the company, but the shareholding cannot be circulated in the market (called large and small non tradable shares in the mainland), resulting in the inconsistency between the interests of the state-owned equity and the managers responsible for the operation of the enterprise, and the structural problem of the conflict of interests between the state-owned equity and the private equity at the first use after each transportation of equipment

Liang Wengen took the lead in all mainland listed companies in 2005 to put forward the share reform plan of Sany Heavy Industry, giving all outstanding equity a plan of "giving 3.5 shares for every 10 shares, and then compensating 8 yuan". Liang Wengen's plan obtained the consent of all retail investors and private shares, successfully converted state-owned shares into circulating shares, and he and the founding team mastered the real equity and management rights of the company, so that Sany Heavy industry got rid of the burden of China's state-owned enterprises

after the success of the share reform, Sany Heavy Industry can give a reasonable and internationally accepted reward salary based on the performance of managers. In that year, the annual salary of the senior executives of Sany Heavy Industry has exceeded NT $1 million, up to NT $4 million. In the following years, the company adopted dividend allotment and other methods to attract more talents to join, The top management of Sany enjoy Benz's top Maybach car and helicopter. Middle and high-level executives buy houses and cars, and people who become millionaires are everywhere

since the share reform in 2005, the total market value of Sany Heavy Industry has soared from 4.7 billion yuan to 13.25 billion yuan, an increase of 28 times in six years. The effect of the share reform is amazing

of course, the challenge of Sany Heavy Industry is still extremely arduous. After several years of rapid infrastructure expansion in the mainland, the subsequent growth of infrastructure investment has slowed down

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