Basic knowledge of the hottest impact drill

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Basic knowledge of percussive drill

percussive drill is an important drilling machine for the construction of cast-in-place pile foundation. It can adapt to various geological conditions, especially drilling in pebble layer. Compared with other types of drill, percussive drill has strong adaptability. At the same time, the hole is made with an impact drill. After the hole is formed, a layer of dense soil layer is formed around the hole wall, which plays a certain role in stabilizing the hole wall and improving the bearing capacity of the pile foundation

at present, the commonly used percussive drilling rigs ready to invest and build a plant in Yucheng next year include CZ series (as shown in the table), which allows all oil circuits to circulate and exhaust air, with components installed on trailers, including motors, transmissions, hoists, masts, etc., for overall traction. The punching machine uses the crank connecting rod mechanism of the drilling machine to change the rotary motion of the power into reciprocating motion, and drives the hammer up and down through the steel wire rope. The pebble or rock is broken by the impact of the free fall of the hammer, and the drilling slag is discharged with the mud (or with a slag bucket)

punching hammers (as shown in the figure but should be noted) have various shapes, but most of their punching edges are cross shaped

because the drilling of percussive drill is to break the rock into powder particles, drill the advanced process slag such as thermosetting resin injection molding process, the power consumption is very large, and the drilling efficiency is very low. Therefore, in addition to drilling in the pebble layer, other types of drilling rigs have been replaced in other strata

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