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Lianjiang Camellia household plastic household products pilot production

recently, relevant people saw in workshop 5 of Lianjiang Camellia household project that three injection molding machines were being pilot produced on the test process platform, and washbasins and buckets were constantly spitting out from the assembly line, and finally workers carried out post processing and packaging

lianjiang Camellia home furnishing project was launched in August last year, with a total planned investment of 480million yuan. There are 10 workshops in the first phase, which consume more than 200 tons of raw materials every day after being put into operation, and can produce nearly 50million plastic household products every year, with an output value of nearly 1billion yuan; The second phase is planned to start next month. After the first and second phases are all put into operation, it will have more than 500 sets of injection molding equipment, which can produce thousands of plastics and one PC product. It can develop nearly 300 kinds of plastic products every year. However, the downstream derivatives manufacturers with an annual output of ethylene cannot take the opportunity to increase the price by 80million pieces due to the excess capacity of terminal products, and the output value is close to 2billion yuan. It will become the largest plastic household products industry base in Asia

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