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On August 20, the ten thousand person group purchase meeting of home Xinyang store was grandly opened. The Group Purchase Fair gathered first-line brands of building materials such as Daqin diatom mud, Tata wooden door, Chivas sofa, etc., with ultra-low prices and special factory supplies as the biggest highlights, attracting more than 2000 consumers. Unexpectedly, the general manager of Xinyang store of home actually led the team to bargain in person, and the atmosphere at the scene was high. As one of the "top ten brands of diatom mud", Daqin diatom mud successfully signed 35 orders on the day of the event, and continued to make gratifying achievements again

the atmosphere at the 10000 person group purchase meeting was high

"everyone gathers firewood with high flame", and the achievement was closely related to the joint efforts of the team. In order to achieve the best effect of the activity, Daqin diatom mud headquarters assigned experienced market regional managers to Xinyang to "prepare for war" with local diatom mud franchisees to give play to the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team. Before the event, Daqin diatom mud manufacturers and agents established the differentiated competitive advantage of "natural weak alkali, green and environmental protection", and carefully sorted out the event process, discussed the event content, summarized the precautions, "do not fight unprepared battles"

Daqin diatom mud Xinyang store image display

under the impact of the Internet tide, the marketing method is also changing, but "ten thousand changes do not leave its origin", there is no good product guarantee, even if there are more marketing gimmicks, it is useless. Daqin diatom mud, one of the "top ten brands of diatom mud", knows this well, and continues to increase investment in the research and development of products and processes. Taking "natural weak alkali is like a mountain spring" as the research and development concept, it took the lead in putting forward the concept of "weak alkaline diatom mud" in the industry, enhanced the safety of construction and consumer terminal care on the basis of ensuring the function of diatom mud coating, and reversed the situation dominated by strong alkaline diatom mud. At the 10000 person group purchase meeting, Daqin staff smeared diatom mud paint on their bodies, which became a highlight of the scene, which not only proved the natural weak alkali and green environmental protection properties of Daqin products, but also formed a good interaction with consumers, and the scene was lively for a time

under the premise of qualified products, whether it can meet the needs of consumers is the key to competition. In order to let consumers feel the charm of diatom mud paint at a close distance, Xinyang Experience Hall clearly shows different diatom mud textures and patterns, with delicate and vivid texture and rich and varied styles, meeting customers' needs for beauty and art. "Top ten brands of diatom mud" Daqin diatom mud can also DIY on site according to customers' needs, presenting a unique home space

and price is the last "straw" to stimulate consumers to buy. In Daqin diatom mud Xinyang life experience hall, preferential packages, golden eggs, gifts and so on can be seen everywhere, allowing customers to obtain a healthy, comfortable and beautiful home environment at the most preferential price


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