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The distinctive climatic characteristics of the four seasons have a great impact on the decoration quality, which requires the construction personnel to adopt different construction techniques according to different seasonal characteristics


spring is windy, dry and dusty, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It is required to close doors and windows when making wood; After the solid wood lines are bought back, they should be immediately sealed with paint to prevent the rapid loss of water and cracking and deformation


summer is high temperature, rainy and humid, and the wood humidity is large, so when purchasing wood panels, wood keels, solid wood lines, pay attention to the dryness of the materials, and try not to buy wood materials in the rain or within oneortwo days after the rain; When the air humidity is high, add some white water into the paint to prevent the paint film from fogging

in winter

the outdoor temperature is low and dry, while the average indoor temperature is above 18 ℃ due to heating. Woodworking materials purchased in decoration, especially solid wood lines, will dehydrate and shrink at room temperature, which requires: (1) when purchasing wood lines, the size should be slightly wider than the required wood line width; (2) Buy back the wooden wire at least three days before use and lay it flat on the indoor floor; (3) After the wooden wire is installed, the wooden wire should be left in the installation position for two days before processing. If the solid wood floor is to be paved indoors, it is best to buy the wood floor back before construction and place it in an open bag to prevent the wood floor from swelling and deformation due to heat. After the construction is completed, if the room is not occupied immediately, it is best to put a basin of water in each room, put a towel beside the basin, and soak the towel in the water at the same time, so as to prevent the deformation and cracking of the prepared wood and wall due to the loss of water

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