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When the peak decoration season comes, experts teach you what preparations need to be done in advance

>& gt;& gt; Preparation for commencement - make full preparations before commencement

in the upcoming upsurge of decoration, in addition to the owners who return to work after the year, there are many owners who plan to start new construction. For them, what preparations should be made

■ insufficient funds, optional installment loans

consumers should determine whether to decorate according to the current family financial situation. It is understood that at present, many decoration companies have launched home decoration installment business, and owners who are temporarily short of funds and eager to move in can consider this business. However, no matter how the funds are raised, consumers should make a decoration budget to avoid affecting the construction due to financial problems after the commencement

in order to make an accurate decoration budget, it is necessary to understand the basic process of decoration and the basic knowledge of projects, prices and commonly used materials. Consumers can understand it through Internet, consulting decoration companies and visiting building materials city

■ choosing the right decoration company is the key

at present, there are not only brand decoration companies with a certain scale, but also affiliated small decoration companies and a certain number of decoration guerrillas in the market. How to choose depends on the economic affordability of consumers. Compared with affiliated companies and decoration guerrillas, the price of brand decoration companies is indeed much higher

choosing a decoration company is the most critical step in decoration preparation, because choosing the right decoration company means saving time, worry and effort. How to choose the right decoration company? Consumers still need to see, listen and compare more, look at the construction site of the decoration company, listen to the comments of the past people, and compare the decoration quotations of various companies

■ communicate more with designers

after choosing a decoration company and signing a decoration contract, the designer will go to the door to measure the room and give the design scheme and quotation within 3-7 days. After getting the design scheme and quotation, consumers should communicate with designers more. If there is any doubt, they must break the casserole to ask the end, so that the design scheme meets their expectations

■ be able to bargain when buying materials

now many decoration companies provide purchasing services for main materials, and consumers who are afraid of trouble can consider choosing this service. Consumers who buy materials by themselves must learn to bargain, because sometimes the prices of materials in the market vary greatly, and even some building materials supermarkets can bargain

■ don't be careless about the on-site disclosure

some owners believe that the on-site disclosure is just a formality. Simply look at the on-site situation and explain it to the construction master. In fact, there will always be small problems in the decoration, and careless disclosure can easily lead to disputes. During the on-site disclosure, the designer, supervisor, foreman, relevant technical workers and the owner shall go to the house site together to clarify the situation before the house is decorated, explain the design and construction difficulties and arrange the construction plan




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