The waste gas and waste water discharged randomly

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Hardware stores' disorderly exhaust gas and waste water were sealed up on site and put on file for treatment.

mechanical equipment was added without authorization, and the direct exhaust gas and waste water affected the ecological environment. Even if the "humble house" was in the alley of residential areas, it was still found out by the ecological environment department. On August 20, the municipal air office notified a list of enterprises and construction sites that had not implemented air pollution prevention and control measures. Among them, a hardware processing shop started construction and production without the approval of environmental protection examination and acceptance, and was also suspected of illegal sewage discharge, which was sealed up on site by the ecological environment law enforcement personnel and put on file for treatment

on the morning of August 14, the supervision team of the municipal atmospheric office went to Zhongtang town to "look back" on VOCs related enterprises. The 6th high performance plastics and the 4th high performance film exhibition of the inspection team opened at Youming International Exhibition Center in Tokyo, Japan. When pedestrians came to wujiayong market, they heard the noise of machines and smelled a peculiar smell. With keen working intuition, the staff of the inspection team suspected that there were "scattered and dirty" enterprises nearby. After investigation, the enterprise named "Dongguan Zhongtang Shili hardware processing shop" was found in a rented house in an alley in the residential area. When the staff of the supervision team entered the workshop, the hardware processing shop was in production

according to the industrial and commercial business license of the hardware processing shop, "main business: processing hardware accessories". The on-site inspection found that without relevant environmental protection approval and acceptance procedures, the hardware processing shop added production equipment and processes such as polishing machine, spray paint curtain cabinet and oven without authorization. To ensure that the sample as a whole reaches the specified temperature (for example, in the absence of relevant environmental protection treatment facilities, the waste water from the rolling edge grinding process directly flows into the sewer; the waste gas from the die-casting, painting, drying and other processes is directly discharged out through the exhaust fan. Many residents nearby reported to the supervision team, "the machines roar all day, and the odor is high."

the staff of the supervision team asked the employees of the enterprise, "who is the person in charge of the processing shop?" More than 20 employees present said "I don't know". In the morning of the same day, the municipal atmospheric office fed back the situation to the Zhongtang branch of the municipal ecological environment bureau, and the ecological environment law enforcement officers rushed to the scene immediately to seal up the hardware processing shop and file a case for handling

the relevant person in charge of the municipal air office said that since August, Dongguan has entered the "oven" mode, and ozone has taken the opportunity to cause chaos. The air quality of our city is not optimistic, and ozone pollution weather has occurred for many days. The municipal air office has launched the ozone emergency action plan, continued to "look back" on VOCs related enterprises, required all towns and streets (parks) and relevant departments to strengthen inspections, and implemented comprehensive control measures such as the rapid ascent of oil removal economic strength and scientific and technological innovation ability of VOCs enterprises and "scattered pollution" enterprises, so as to further curb the trend of air pollution. (zhouguiqing)

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