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Weak instruments: a weak area in the manufacturing industry

Huawei's emergency preparedness has made many people in the industry have a strong sense of crisis. So, in addition to semiconductor equipment, what other areas in the equipment manufacturing industry are China still controlled by others, or even severely restricted

the field of analytical and experimental instruments is almost blank.

recently, I read the international ranking of the analytical instrument industry in 2008 in a magazine. The figures come from the authoritative publication "instrument market outlook IBO" published by SDI, an international strategic direction company. At a glance, there is no Chinese enterprise on the Top40 list

Table 1 the top 40 manufacturers in the world analytical instrument sales revenue rankings in 2008



manufacturer name


1.5 billion

1 Thermo Fisher

United States


United States

3applied biosystems


4agile technologies (Agilent Technology)

United States

5vwr international

United States

1-1.5 billion dollars


United States

7shimadzu (Shimadzu)



United States

9becton dickinson

United States

750-1billion USD





12ge health Bioscience (GE Medical Bioscience)

United States

13mettler Toledo


14smiths detection

United States

15jeol (Japan Electronics Co., Ltd)




17hitachi high technologies (Japan)hitachi High Tech)


18olympus (Olympus)


19sigma Aldrich

the United States


the United States

500~750million dollars



the United States








bio rad

United States


spectris PLC

United Kingdom 1 The short arm blade is loose: tighten the blade firmly


beckman Coulter



ge sensing



bruker Biosciences





400~500 million USD


bruker biospin



carl Zeiss



teledyne technologies

United States

















renishaw PLC (Renishaw)



horiba (Japan's rising market production Institute)


40ge homeland protection

the United States

figure 1:top40 instrument manufacturers (2008)

(data source: SDI, Shanghai Institute of scientific and technological information)

American manufacturers account for more than half of the Top40 list, There are 22 enterprises on the list, and the five manufacturers with sales revenue of more than US $1.5 billion are all from the United States, including Thermo Fisher, Danaher and Agilent

7 in Germany, 5 in Japan, 3 in Britain and 3 in Switzerland. There is no Chinese enterprise. In, is a very meaningful period of time, the scale of China's equipment manufacturing industry has successfully surpassed. In 2009, the scale of China's equipment manufacturing surpassed that of the United States and became the first in the world; In the second year, the scale of China's manufacturing industry surpassed that of the United States to become the world's largest

however, the instrument industry is moving in the opposite direction

Rome wasn't built in a day

analysis and test instruments belong to a subdivision of the instrument industry in the equipment manufacturing industry, and account for very little in the manufacturing industry. However, if you take a magnifying glass and observe it carefully, you can find that the position made in China in this segment is blank and its strength is so weak

in 2017, c&en, a well-known American magazine, published the list of global instrument companies. The top names are still Agilent, Danaher, Shimadzu and other familiar names, and there are still no Chinese enterprises

the results of other consulting companies and research institutions are similar. The statistical caliber and data standards may be different, but an intuitive conclusion can also be seen from these data: ten years later, China still has no leading enterprise in the field of test instruments, and the manufacturing developed countries still have absolute control over this industry

Figure 2: instrument supplier top20 (2017) (data source: c&en)

instruments and meters are the pioneer of advanced manufacturing

if machine tools and lithography machines are used for production, then instruments and meters are measurement equipment used for product research and development. To produce cutting-edge products, the most cutting-edge instruments are indispensable. The more high-end industries, the stronger the demand for analytical instruments. The impact and supporting role of this industry on the manufacturing industry can never be seen from the industrial scale. In order to process nano scale parts, it is necessary to have higher nano scale measuring instruments. Just as the length of a straight line can be measured with a ruler, the progress of Chinese manufacturing innovation and production accuracy can be "measured" with precision instruments

instrumentation is not a big industry, but its strategy cannot be simply measured by production scale. In the early 1990s, when the National Bureau of standards of the U.S. Department of Commerce assessed the impact of instrumentation on the gross national economic output value of the United States, it pointed out that although the gross industrial output value of instrumentation in the United States accounted for only 4% of its gross industrial output value, its impact on the national economy exceeded 60%. Wangdaheng, one of the founders of China's optics, instrumentation and Metrology science and education, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, once pointed out that the instrumentation industry looks like a "supporting role" but is actually a "core". He has pointed out many times that measurement technology is an important part of information technology and the source of information technology. He emphasized that "instruments and meters are 'multipliers' of industrial production. Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Industry Branch Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Saiwei LDK photovoltaic silicon technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi tungsten Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. are specially invited to co sponsor them. They are' pioneers' of scientific research, military 'combat effectiveness' and' materialized judges' in social life." "The instrument and meter industry is a 'bottleneck' industry for the development of the national economy and science and technology. Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and modern instruments and equipment are one of the three elements of the primary productive forces."

with the in-depth investigation of advanced manufacturing industry in recent years, I most agree with Wang Lao's words, "In fact, there are great differences between instruments and machines. Machines are tools to transform the world, based on understanding the world; and the development of instruments is based on understanding the world. The correct concept should be: instruments are tools to understand the world, and machines are tools to transform the world. Instruments are scientific tools to understand the unknown world, and also tools to control the production process." In recent years, the most intuitive feeling of the author in the research is that with the acceleration of industrial upgrading, the demand for high-end instruments in all walks of life is increasing. This phenomenon is particularly obvious after the financial crisis. In, the author visited six industries in China, including aerospace, automobile, electronic communication, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing. In the import of advanced technology and equipment by leading enterprises, the proportion of high-end instruments and meters has increased significantly

the instrument industry can even affect the comprehensive strength of our country's manufacturing industry. Here is a simple calculation. If a country's manufacturing level is directly reflected in three aspects: the first aspect is the output level of end products. China has become the world's first in this regard, and its share will not be captured by them. The scale of the manufacturing industry has exceeded 25% of the global total, which can be given 90% points; The second aspect is reflected in the output of manufacturing product capacity, which is reflected in the output of equipment products. China has become the world's largest equipment producer and the world's largest exporter of mechanical and electrical products. The score assumption is 90%; The third aspect is reflected in the output of our innovation ability. A very important aspect is the output of our tools to support innovation, and the advanced instrument industry is a very important component. Assuming that our score in this aspect is 20%

in this simple calculation, the three aspects are multiplier relations rather than simple summation. 90%*90%*20%=0.162. Looking at the United States, assuming that its three indicators are 80%, 80% and 80% respectively, the result is 0.512, and the comprehensive capacity is still more than three times that of us. In fact, it can be seen from the distribution of our end products. A friend pointed out that made in China is in Western shopping malls, made in Germany and Japan in Chinese factories, and made in the United States in Chinese laboratories

gaps in the application of advanced manufacturing

in the article "upgrading the manufacturing industry into a feast of" foreign equipment "on July 3, 2017, the people pointed out the domestic dependence on foreign advanced R & D equipment, and gave cases. The Geely R & D center, which was completed in may2017, has almost all adopted imported equipment: the 75 inch acoustic hub with a maximum speed of 270 km/h is from Mahal, Germany; Acoustical laboratory plate sound-absorbing material from Lande, Germany; EMC laboratory materials are from Nippon Institute of technology; The chassis development equipment is from k&c in the UK. The core powertrain test center, which was built at a cost of 500million yuan, has 19 sets of engine performance bench, all from AVL company of Austria; Other 73 sets of test rigs and core parts are also imported. "Of the planned investment of 6.2 billion yuan, more than 5 billion yuan has been invested. Except for a small amount of factory buildings and supporting investment, most of it has been spent on test and verification equipment, and imported equipment accounts for more than 90%." Said the vice president of Geely Automobile Group. There is no way. Geely has purchased domestic vibration test bench, but the accuracy and reliability are far from that of imported equipment. Once the initial data collection is wrong, the whole R & D process will be wrong again and again. This is a heavy burden that the enterprise can not bear. The only choice is to purchase international equipment with heavy money

not only Geely, but also leading enterprises in various industries in China will give priority to foreign brands when selecting R & D equipment, and instruments and equipment are an important part of R & D equipment. The research reports of some government agencies have repeatedly mentioned that the import of high-end instruments accounts for more than 90%, and some fields are 100% dependent on import. The same is true of the petrochemical industry. Many friends pointed out to the author that "foreign equipment" can be seen everywhere in their work field. Any refinery or chemical plant can find that the real automation instruments are almost all foreign brands: Emerson, Siemens, e + H, abb

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