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The way to improve enterprise brand value

the development of the pharmaceutical industry in 2008, like the current A-share market in China, is pregnant with new hope while undergoing shock adjustment and crazy plunge. Some enterprises with strength and clear positioning will quickly occupy relevant channels and markets with the help of this adjusted east wind, so as to achieve their own take-off. Of course, whether it is more than 6000 domestic pharmaceutical production-oriented enterprises or nearly 10000 commercial companies, a large number of enterprises will be eliminated by this turbulence. Although we are always optimistic about China's future pharmaceutical market, we must carefully study how to deal with the current market competition and development

in fact, it is no wonder that two factors guide the development of pharmaceutical enterprises in the current market: "profit driven" and "value driven". There are only two different ideas between the two literally, but they have created two completely different types of enterprises: one is an enterprise that simply pursues short-term, fast-paced and profit maximization. Its business ideas focus on immediate interests and always operate in ups and downs, which will give the extruder industry endless development power. There is no stable track, and it will gradually decline; The other is always pursuing the operation mode of "century old store" and paying attention to the construction of enterprise brand and intensive cultivation of the market. Although the input and output are not in an ideal proportion in the short term, it can better show the pressure resistance and good market profit performance of the enterprise in the case of market turbulence and intensified competition

the emergence of these two completely different survival conditions of enterprises is the result of the role of the two guiding thoughts, which is worth considering

1. "Profit driven": make a quick move and pay for the future.

the fundamental business operation is to pursue profits, which is understandable. However, everything has a problem of degree. If there is no limit and the pursuit of huge and eternal profits is not reinforced in the highest goal that the world's advanced industrial countries strive to seek, it will fall into a dangerous situation and will destroy the future of the enterprise

however, what we see most is such an enterprise: blindly pursuing profit maximization, even sacrificing corporate brand and social reputation, hoping to obtain high profits in the shortest time. In the short term, these enterprises have achieved better income, and some have even become industry giants. However, it seems that in a short period of time, China's relatively calm and healthy pharmaceutical market has seen one shocking event after another: major vicious events such as the "Qi Er Yao incident" and the "Huayuan incident" that shocked the entire pharmaceutical industry, and even more minor ones that caused disability and death due to counterfeit and shoddy products around us. In fact, the root cause is the "profit driven" thought of blindly pursuing profits regardless of enterprise development

this kind of pure profit oriented thinking, from the perspective of China in 2015, will not allow you to make excessive profits at the expense of consumers; In terms of the market, the benign and stable market development will not hesitate to abandon such enterprises and individuals. Just like the saying we often say about the current situation of Chinese enterprises, "each has been leading the way for three to five years", in addition to our regret, should other enterprises have something to gain and realize

II. "Value driven": lie on the brushwood and taste the gall to develop and win the future

enterprises need profits, not only for a while, but also for a long time. This is the core idea of "value driven". This kind of thinking focuses on a steady and steady business philosophy. It is a kind of behavior to obtain stable and long-term benefits by continuously improving and enhancing the core value of the enterprise

first of all, enhance the brand value of the enterprise and establish a competitive advantage in the market

the author has a deep memory of the saying that "in the face of the increasingly severe market competition, the enterprise still has the straw of brand". Here we don't pursue what kind of environment this sentence came into being. At least he explained that enterprises can well participate in market competition through brand operation

the promotion of brand value brings influence, and there are many examples of better participation in market competition. It's as if the commercial enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry are Kyushu Tong, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Sinopharm Co., Ltd; When we mention the brand drugs in the gastropathy market, we immediately think of starshu, sunflower Weikangling, Motilium and so on. This kind of sales promotion led by the brand is amazing. They have firmly occupied the dominant position in the industry segment

for most enterprises, the way to improve brand value may start from the following three aspects:

1. Corporate image brand building

this systematic work through overall arrangement to realize the market influence of corporate image in the industry is the most solid and lasting method. For example, "Tongrentang", when we mention this brand, we do not think of the advantages of a certain product or a certain class of products or its own advantages in channels, but the image of a leading Chinese patent medicine enterprise with a high degree of professionalism, which is the image of a century old factory

at the same time, it should be noted that building a corporate image brand is a long-term behavior that requires great demand and systematic adherence, and it requires a long-term and difficult process. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly maintain and consolidate the formed cognition to prevent the damage of the corporate image established through efforts due to accidents

2. Product brand image shaping

"product brand image" as the name suggests, is a kind or a kind of product with typical market cognition that an enterprise makes every effort to build in a certain category or channel through various means such as publicity and promotion. Because of the product brand awareness formed by this or such varieties, it can be well brought to the subsequent improvement of varieties and overall image of the enterprise, and form a better income in product sales and brand recognition

however, the reality is that under the current competitive situation of serious product homogeneity in the market, it is more and more difficult for the product brand image to reach the leading position in a certain segment of the market in the previous two years. It requires us to change our business thinking, so that we can achieve the leading product brand in a certain region or channel, so as to effectively distinguish our own image from other product brands

3. Channel or regional brand advantage a certain channel or region of enterprise product operation is also an important position to realize the enterprise image or product image. In today's propaganda because of unlimited exaggeration and falsehood, the decrease in the effectiveness of the media has led to the distrust and disapproval of dealers or consumers. They are more willing to trust their own eyes and judge the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises or products from their own realistic senses. As an enterprise, the channel or region can implement typical operation and set up the goal of model, which can be the direction for the enterprise to display its own image and strength. This requires the enterprise not only to study the actual situation of the channel or region in detail, but also to formulate a targeted orientation in combination with the enterprise's own products, market operation strategies and other factors, so as to integrate the internal and external advantageous resources of the enterprise to finally realize the brand advantage of the channel or region

secondly, effectively integrate the internal and external resources of the enterprise, and clarify the development direction of the enterprise

the resource integration of enterprise development, such as the whole process of building high-rise buildings, should not only lay a good foundation in the early stage, but also integrate various materials according to the development process of each step, so as to ensure the final victory. In order to achieve long-term development and finally achieve better profits through "value driven" operation, it is necessary to effectively integrate internal and external resources

1. Internally, formulate a clear business plan and determine the future direction

the business plan of the enterprise determines the development track of the enterprise in the future. Each enterprise will formulate its own business plan. The difference is that some enterprises formulate how many markets to develop, how much product sales to achieve and how much profit to make in the next year; On the other hand, it is not appropriate to adopt face bricks for the facing layer. Some enterprises set the height to be achieved in the next five years and the state to be achieved in the next 10 years, not only in terms of sales performance, but also in terms of industry influence, enterprise development scale, talent introduction, product and channel revenue contribution rate

in this way, enterprises have different goals, different motivations, and completely different results. The reality we can see is that it is also a 10-year development process. There are enterprises around us. Some are timid and are still lingering in place; Some have become industry giants by deepening reform, taking drastic measures and integrating advantageous resource allocation; Of course, some opportunistic and illegitimate businesses have disappeared from this industry. Such a strong contrast shows that the enterprise must set a long-term goal and set a broad blueprint for its own operation to guide its development. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time before it wins or loses

2. For enterprises, the external market is always a pattern of opportunities and challenges. This pattern is the same for any enterprise. However, there are always obvious differences between the size and strength of enterprises in the market, which shows that it is far more realistic to seize opportunities and seek development than to passively meet challenges. As an enterprise intending to build a "value driven" model, it is necessary to effectively resolve the crisis, firmly grasp the opportunity to take off, and deeply tap the value of products, channels and markets

especially in the value mining and promotion of external channels and markets, great efforts should be made. Through the allocation of human, financial, material and other resources within the enterprise, making a full contribution in publicity, marketing and other aspects, systematically realizing the strong breakthrough of segmentation channels or the overall improvement of segmentation regional markets can well achieve the established strategic objectives of the enterprise, and finally lay a good foundation for the "value driven" development of the enterprise

the market is unpredictable. Between the life and death of enterprises, whether to choose "profit driven" or "value driven" is related to the rise and fall of enterprises

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