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The way out for the localization of industrial robots

people feel that robots are "snowy in the spring", but I don't think they are so "high-tech". One industrial robot on the market is often worth more than 100000 yuan to millions of yuan. However, the major factor of high cost is that the core parts are monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises. Some people always think that "the moon in foreign countries is more round", In fact, the technical barriers of core components are being broken by China. Although there is a gap between the products of many international enterprises and foreign-funded products, the use of these products has completely failed in many areas to help the lightweight process of the automotive industry

we find that China, as a manufacturing country, has a lot of market segments where the demand for robots is suppressed. A large part of the reason is that the price is too high. For example, Wuxi, the world's electric vehicle production base, has accumulated a large number of large, large and small electric vehicle parts and integrated production enterprises. They are suffering from the increasingly fierce battle for welders inspired by the improvement of welding people. Around the Spring Festival, An enterprise with hundreds of welders, whose main business is the welding of electric vehicle frame, was quietly "fired" by more than 30 welders without any sign. At that time, so many welders were separated, which obviously affected the normal production and operation of the enterprise. In small and medium-sized production-oriented enterprises, the demand for mechanical substitutes has become extremely urgent

can the price of industrial robots fall to the level that small and medium-sized production enterprises take over? In my opinion, there are many robot enterprises in China now, from downstream parts to inferior production and sales, and many enterprises suffer from the embarrassment of high cost. If an enterprise can integrate these capital into a "strengthening group", can it produce good robot products that small and medium-sized enterprises can buy and use

capital integrators

as early as 8 years ago, we got up as an intelligent wheelchair, and then we set foot in the electronic skeleton. This kind of property precipitation, which is very similar to the layout and principle of robots, has led us to find the "gold mine" market that is almost untouched - the utilization market of welding robots dominated by five traditional industries, such as automobile, electronic and electrical, forging, rubber and plastic products, and food and exercise industry, A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have urgent needs but can not afford to buy low-cost robots; On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of robot enterprises in the world have low capacity release rate, and even the annual operating rate is around 10%. Welding robot is a kind of industrial robot, and its and handling robot are the two most utilized types in China

the "13th five year plan for the growth of robot property" clearly mentions the goal that the localization rate of self-supporting brand robots will reach more than 50%, the share of six axis industrial robots with self-supporting intellectual property rights in the international market will reach 30%, and the utilization of industrial robots will reach 800000

large and medium-sized enterprises that do not lack money, such as Gree and Midea, have failed to use high-end robots. We should focus on the market segment of the small and medium-sized enterprises that have not been released. In my opinion, low cost and initiative are the only target for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to survive in the future fierce competition

in the second half of 2014, when we decided to march into what is called the largest and most competitive welding robot, I went to Wuxi, the world's largest electric vehicle production base, and visited more than 20 enterprises. All of these bosses shook their heads at the production and operation difficulties caused by the welder's perfection. In their impression, robots are so "sunny and snowy", and they blend well with their "sunny and snowy" small enterprises. I was deeply shocked. Why not produce a robot product with high quality and low price that these enterprises need

of course, this method aimed at the market of small and medium-sized enterprises cannot follow that routine. We believe that it is impossible for a single enterprise to reduce the time, temperature and environmental price that have not been taken into account to the level of takeover by small and medium-sized enterprises in an environment of guaranteed quality. Therefore, we established Huanyan robot company, which is not only an enterprise producing and developing robots, but also a capital integrator of the industry's upper and lower property chain

in the 863 project, the first wall climbing robot in China broke through many technological innovations. Zhaoyanzheng, a researcher and doctoral tutor of the Robotics Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and two other professors led the R & D team to provide technical support for our welding robot

because we started from the intelligent wheelchair and electronic skeleton similar to the robot. When looking for professional spare parts enterprises in the industry as "small partners for cooperation", we were also very familiar with the road and hired very professional enterprises in the industry, such as Nantong zhenkang Co., Ltd., Kunshan Huaheng accelerator Co., Ltd., and Greenland harmonic accelerator Co., Ltd; The motor/driver is Shanghai Rujing company; Hyde company is responsible for the robot vision system; Chengdu canop company is responsible for controlling fragmentary matters; Shanghai welding robot Co., Ltd. is one of the sales channels of welding robots. Strong enterprises in these industries supply parts at cost price. The advantage is that they receive a certain proportion of the shares of Huanyan company and follow the distribution of the primary large and small stop shares of the company. Not only that, if the company forms large and small batch orders, it will promote the cost reduction and profitability of parts enterprises in the past. It is like a "strengthening group", and Huanyan is the head, Most people recognize this form. It is a virtuous circle. Not only that, the company also encourages employees' tasks in the form of equity. Each core employee has equity and has several jobs, which makes the task content of each employee not touch the grade barrier, but only efficient exchange and docking

localization prospects

if small and medium-sized production-oriented enterprises all use industrial robots, perhaps the difficulties of welders will come naturally. However, on the one hand, due to globalization, extended production cycle, aging population, salary level, health and Enron regulations and other factors, the labor cost is slowly rising and the manufacturing cost of industrial robots is falling, forcing machinery to replace labor, On the other hand, the high cost of exporting core components leads to the high price of international industrial robot products, and small and medium-sized enterprises are deterred

we have brought the players in the industry together to become a "family". This is only to set up a good stage. The singers still need products with low price and good quality

in fact, it is an endless process of trial and error for robot products from endless achievements to stable and outstanding functions. We developed the first set of industrial robots in February 2015, and the sixth set of six axis industrial robots for welding in less than a year in January this year. This is a process from nothing to excellence, and it is not as "big and big" as some people think

in fact, the company's product developers believe that the primary difficulty in the future 100% localization of China industrial robots lies not in technology, but in the accumulation of large amount of research and development experience and durability. Now, looking back, many technicians in the industry can figure out the relevant technology of core parts from the practical level. What is lacking is the opportunity to get rid of them for many times. From this point of view, it is better to do your best than to do your best

in the process of developing robots, in order to catch up with the time, the company often waits for the parts suppliers to mail by express, but immediately drives to the other party's factory to pick up the goods directly. In a rare situation, I received a phone call from the night shift staff of the parts supplier on the third watch and told them that the customized parts had just been made. Therefore, the salesperson of the company drove all night and checked the products on site. Once the results were found, they were dealt with on-site. If the other party could not meet the requirements, they immediately changed to another supplier. For the express that can be received in the fastest 3 days, when adding longer uncertain back and forth, the company uses super efficient walking force to process the results in half or even less time

because our cooperative partner is also a shareholder of the company. For example, the drives of Shanghai ruting company are not used by robots, so their achievements are inexhaustible. However, their R & D team lives with us and keeps trying and making mistakes. In addition, robots produced in this way must use their talents to find achievements. I found a friend of mine who is engaged in machining and put robots on trial in his factory. If I have any achievements, I will jump in time, Correct it and try again. Don't give up until you have no grades at all. For comparison, under the circumstance that the cooperative partner sells the company's core parts at the cost price, we have achieved half the price of robot products on the market

the logic of the company's understanding of the cost of industrial robots is that the product cost is related to the sales cost and competitors, but closely related to the ever-increasing cost. Since the establishment of the company, we have invested tens of millions of yuan in research and development. We are really not in a hurry to recover profits, and robot enterprises often stop pricing according to the prices of similar products on the market. We are not so. Instead, we are linked to the annual salary of a welder every year. For example, the annual salary of a welder is 80000 yuan, and our robot pricing can be controlled at 80000 yuan. In this way, we can set a price that makes small and medium-sized enterprises feel fair, Then in the environment where welding robots are cheap and easy to use, large-scale research and production should be stopped. This is the supposition of our form

in less than a month since March this year, we have sold more than 50 welding robots, and it is estimated that the sales range of 1000 robots will be completed in the whole year of this year. In my opinion, the Chinese industrial robot market should be sold in 10000 units. As long as the products have a good foundation, we do not need to consider the achievements of the customers

in addition, our original R & D team of more than 40 people, now after the product R & D is mature, many R & D staff have switched to the production service, and the priority is to do a good job in the follow-up warranty protection. At present, we charge for warranty for one year and return it for one month without any reason. We can add some cost to the warranty to stop the delay. My ambition is that every small and medium-sized production-oriented enterprise will use robots, which, like a screwdriver, will become the most obvious thing in the production process

a few days ago, Shanghai superstition strictly regulated the operation of raw materials and employees. When the robot research team of the Institute of robotics came to the company for research, they also recognized that our form of capital integration and product optimization aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. They thought that this was a task that had always been waiting for leading robot enterprises to do, but it was preempted by small enterprises like us. The digital increment sensor is a relative measurement system; In other words

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