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"Synthetic leather water-based polyurethane resin" has passed the provincial scientific and technological appraisal recently, Zhejiang Lishui UNIC water-based resin technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the provincial scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting of "synthetic leather water-based polyurethane resin", a new product project including thermoplastic honeycomb core

the appraisal meeting was organized by Zhejiang big push open workbench and upper beam and moving horizontal kinematics technology transfer center. The expert group was composed of zhangchuanbo, chief expert of Zhejiang Wenzhou Light Industry Research Institute, Shan Guorong, deputy director of the Institute of polymerization and polymer engineering of Zhejiang University, shaoshuangxi, director of the Institute of Applied Chemistry of Ningbo Institute of engineering, zhongmingqiang, director of the Institute of polymer materials and engineering of Zhejiang University of technology Xiongchunhua, Professor of Applied Chemistry Department of Zhejiang industrial and Commercial University, is composed of five experts

the appraisal committee reviewed the scientific and technological novelty search report, test report, user use, enterprise standards and other relevant documents, checked the samples, and questioned. Through discussion, it was determined that the product used water as the medium to prepare water-based polyurethane resin for synthetic leather. The technical route was innovative, and its technology was at the leading level in China. Chinese enterprises were talented enough to produce their own products and found that their own plastic extrusion machinery had excellent tanning performance. The product has been tested by Ningbo Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, and the main technical indicators have reached the enterprise standards, which have been well reflected by users after use. The production equipment, process tooling and testing means of the enterprise can meet the production needs, and the production process meets the environmental protection requirements. The appraisal committee believes that the research and development of the product is successful and agrees to pass the appraisal

the appraisal committee recommends that the company expand the production scale of synthetic leather waterborne polyurethane resin for vehicle enterprises, better meet the needs of users at home and abroad, and make contributions to the comprehensive realization of water-based and industrial upgrading of the synthetic leather industry

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