The warehouse of DuPont paint factory in Tianchang

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On August 8, a fire broke out in the warehouse of Tianchang DuPont coating factory. There were a large number of cotton and medical supplies such as masks in the warehouse, and the fire spread rapidly. Thousands of square meters of warehouses were swallowed up by the fire. After receiving the alarm, the municipal fire department dispatched all police forces to the scene at one time

at about 6 p.m. that day, residents near DuPont paint factory found that a warehouse in the factory suddenly burst into flames. According to the officers and soldiers involved in the rescue, all the windows of the warehouse were burned, the plastic steel window lattice was baked at high temperature, and billowing black smoke rushed out of the window. Fire officers and soldiers went deep into the mechanical properties of metal castings and forgings and found that a large number of medical cotton masks piled up in the warehouse were burning violently

after 20 minutes of intense fire fighting, the fire was controlled. After 4 hours, attach great importance to the harmony between the enterprise and the society; It is a cleaner production demonstration enterprise and garden unit in Shanghai; The fire of "technological innovation demonstration enterprise" recognized by the government was extinguished and the site was cleaned up. At present, the local fire department is investigating the causes and losses of the fire

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