The waste paper base in May was the hottest month.

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In May, the waste paper base paper both declined. It is expected that the future market power will be insufficient.

according to the price monitoring, the waste paper price showed a downward trend in May, and continued to decline towards the end of the month. On May 31, the average price of waste yellow paperboard was 1940/ton, a decrease of -14.32% at the end of the month compared with the beginning of the month. In May, the price of corrugated base paper was only reduced slightly at first, and the sharp decline of waste paper at the end of the month also led to a sharp decline in the price of corrugated paper. On May 31, the average price of corrugated base paper was 3166.67/ton, down -5.47% at the end of the month compared with the beginning of the month

I. waste paper

from the observation of market changes, the waste yellow paperboard Market as a whole began to show a weak earthquake in May. Biomedical materials science and engineering are always inseparable from their end use products (generally refers to medical implants). From the demand side, the pressure of finished paper delivery from paper mills still exists. In this case, although the arrival volume of waste paper in the paper mill is average, the operating rate of the paper mill is insufficient, the interest in purchasing waste paper is slight, and the consumption of waste paper inventory is relatively slow. Since the middle of May, the reduction of waste paper prices has increased, especially in the northern region. With the full reduction of prices in Jiulong, Shanying, Liwen and other bases, more than 100 paper mills across the country have followed the decline, and the downward trend was not eased until around the 18th. However, from May 27 to 29, the waste paper market ushered in three dark days. The price of national paper fell to the freezing point all the way, and the A-level national waste in some regions fell to about 1700/ton, making the price of national waste return to the original price range

the reasons for the continuous decline of the domestic waste market this month are as follows: first, due to the impact of the Sino US trade war, the orders of the terminal packaging industry have shrunk, and some paper mills have chosen to stop the loss under the impact of the terminal. It is also difficult for paper mills to accept the production cost of high priced waste paper, so they reduce the price of waste paper to maintain operations. Second, after the tariff of paper products was raised, the price of waste paper showed a downward trend, the market sentiment was high, the suppliers were afraid of losses and actively shipped, and the paper mill inventory was high, so the price was reduced rapidly

II. Corrugated base paper

in terms of corrugated base paper, under the condition of insufficient orders, packaging enterprises are not willing to stock a large amount of corrugated and box board paper, and the inventory level of paper enterprises is still at a relatively high level. In addition, the import volume of finished paper has increased greatly, and the price of imported corrugated paper is relatively low compared with that of the high-performance data experimental equipment of universities, scientific research institutions and factory and mine data research institutions in China, which will have a certain impact on the domestic market. In mid and late May, the price of waste paper continued to loosen, leading to the decline of the price of base paper. In addition, due to the impact of the Sino US trade war, the export pressure and supply and demand pressure have increased, the demand for base paper has continued to decline, and the price has fallen. With the decline of waste paper at the end of the month, the corrugated base paper market also followed suit and fell sharply, and a number of paper enterprises shut down for maintenance and production to alleviate the balance between supply and demand of corrugated base paper in the market

according to paper analysts, the current demand for waste paper in paper mills "is not booming. In addition, the resurgence of Sino US trade disputes has made the trade export situation more severe, making it difficult for the demand for finished paper to improve. In the month that should be the peak season, the price of base paper and waste paper fell sharply due to sluggish demand. Therefore, it is expected that the market price of waste paper and base paper will not recover in the future without obvious favorable policies to avoid the instrument damage due to short circuit

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