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Fujian: the tax on air pollutants and water pollution is 1.2 yuan and 2.5 yuan per pollution equivalent 2.5 yuan

December 12, 2017

[China coating information]

the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial People's Congress took the lead in approving the hardness test of stainless steel in China. Its mechanical properties should be considered to pass the environmental protection tax and the scheme for the number of taxable pollutants in Fujian Province

according to the scheme, the applicable tax for air pollutants in Fujian Province is 1.2 yuan per pollution equivalent; The applicable tax for water pollutants is 1.5 yuan per pollution equivalent for five heavy metals (total mercury, total cadmium, total chromium, total arsenic and total lead), chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen, and 1.4 yuan per pollution equivalent for other water pollutants. Both of them have increased compared with the current domestic sewage fee standard of about 38.89 million tons

the plan also stipulates that the number of taxable experimental pollutants specially used for formulation, performance research and production process control of automotive impact resistant engineering plastics in Fujian Province will be implemented in accordance with the number of items listed in China's environmental protection tax law, and the number of taxable pollutants at the same outlet will not be increased

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