The water budget of the hottest in 2011 exceeded 2

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The special water budget for 2011 exceeded 200million

the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the 2011 departmental budget on its official website yesterday. This is also the ministry that publicized the departmental budget earlier since the executive meeting of the State Council on May 4 requested to further promote the work of financial budget disclosure. Making recycling possible

nuclear and radiation safety has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. It is understood that this year, the Ministry of environmental protection will allocate 100million yuan for nuclear and radiation safety supervision and management. It is mainly used for national nuclear and radiation safety supervision, national radiation environment monitoring, electromagnetic radiation monitoring of key facilities and technical support for civil nuclear safety equipment supervision; 50million yuan will be allocated for the nuclear and radiation safety technology review, mainly for the safety technology review of nuclear facilities

according to the data released by the Ministry of environmental protection, the budget of financial allocation of the Ministry of environmental protection in 2011 was about 1.92 billion yuan, of which the basic expenditure was more than 220 million yuan and the project expenditure was more than 1.69 billion yuan

the specific expenditures include foreign affairs, science and technology, social security and employment, environmental protection, housing reform and other projects

in the expenditure on science and technology, the special water project reached 217million yuan. The full name of the water project is the major scientific and technological project for water pollution control and treatment. The project is listed as one of the 16 major scientific and technological projects in the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan (year), with a total budget of more than 30 billion yuan. It is the environmental scientific research project implemented by the Chinese government with the largest total amount of capital investment so far

the Ministry of environmental protection is a component Department of the State Council, whose main responsibility is to establish and improve the basic system of environmental protection; To be responsible for overall planning, coordination, supervision and management of major environmental issues; Undertaking to implement the emission reduction targets of manufacturers within the range of countries that can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time; To be responsible for the supervision and management of environmental pollution prevention and control; To guide, coordinate and supervise ecological protection; Responsible for environmental monitoring and information release

therefore, the Ministry of environmental protection spends the most on environmental protection every year. According to the information released by the Ministry of environmental protection today, the budget of financial allocation for environmental protection in 2011 is about 1.27 billion yuan, including 86.3014 million yuan of personnel funds and 63.9594 million yuan of public funds; The project expenditure is 1.12 billion yuan, and 61 projects are arranged, including one capital construction project with an investment of 35million yuan; There are 60 special financial fund projects, and the budget expenditure is about 1.08 billion yuan

it is understood that among the project expenditures, 220million yuan will be spent on national environmental monitoring and information this year, mainly to ensure 136 national automatic water quality monitoring stations, 759 national surface water environment monitoring sections, 655 automatic air monitoring points in key cities, 14 national air environment background monitoring stations and 440 national acid rain monitoring points. Luozhongfu of Jinfa Technology participated in the report and discussion, 82 sand and dust storm monitoring points 301 coastal water quality monitoring points have carried out automatic monitoring, on-site comparative monitoring, analysis report, operation and maintenance of data transmission and related management, as well as the protective cover of horizontal tensile testing machine, such as the special work of environmental monitoring quality supervision, which is carried out intensively to improve the quality of environmental monitoring

in addition, this year, the Ministry of environmental protection will arrange 60million yuan for environmental supervision and law enforcement, 32.95 million yuan for the research, preparation and approval of the national environmental protection plan, 50million yuan for environmental impact assessment, 55million yuan for international environmental cooperation and compliance action, 51.85 million yuan for the investigation and evaluation of environmental pollution damage to human health, 36.5 million yuan for the formulation and revision of national environmental protection standards, and 35million yuan for special biodiversity protection

in the budget report released today, it is also specifically mentioned that in terms of expenditure on housing reform, the 2011 financial allocation expenditure budget is 38.8 million yuan, including 17million yuan of housing provident fund, 2.8 million yuan of rent increase subsidy and 19million yuan of house purchase subsidy. There are 12 departmental budget approval forms in 2011, 10 of which have been made public by the Ministry, and the other 2 have not been made public because the Ministry has no data

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