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From November 8 to November 20, Tianjin Bureau of quality and technical supervision organized quality supervision bureaus and quality supervision and inspection teams of all districts and counties to carry out special supervision and inspection of disposable lunch box production enterprises in the city

it is understood that the main purpose of this inspection is to find out the number, product quality, executive standards, production equipment, licenses and product flow of food packaging production enterprises such as disposable lunch boxes in the city, and we will register the cost of developing "inorganic modified polyurethane high molecular new materials" one by one according to the "1025" national strategic emerging industry development plan of the State Council, aiming to strengthen the supervision of food packaging enterprises, To ensure people's health, recycled plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer safety of China's large battery enterprises due to the accumulation of capital and technology

Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that enterprises found to be unqualified for production will be ordered to stop production for rectification and rectify within a time limit; We will resolutely investigate and deal with the illegal acts of adulterating, passing fake products for real, shoddy products for good, and passing unqualified products off as qualified products in accordance with the law. (zewei)

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