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Oneplus's first concept machine was released, and electrochromic glass technology emerged

as an industry explorer, Yijia applied electrochromic technology for the first time, bringing a groundbreaking and revolutionary "hidden postphoto"

create ECMF using electrochromic glass

what is ECMF? In industrial design, we call color, material and finishing CMF, while e stands for electronization. In order to solve the current problem of multi camera layout design, oneplus proposed the ECMF scheme for the first time, using electrochromic glass in intelligence

oneplus concept one's rear camera is hidden under the electrochromic glass, and its existence can be seen only when the camera is used. At other times, the camera is hidden in the glass, presenting a clean, uninterrupted and burden free aesthetic feeling

what is electrochromic technology

electrochromism (EC) refers to the reversible color change of materials under the action of an applied electric field. In essence, the oxidation-reduction reaction of EC film changes its transmittance or reflectivity to light, which is a reversible change in color and transparency in appearance

in fact, electrochromic technology is not a new technology. There were preliminary reports on this technology as early as the 1930s. In 1999 and 2004, electrochromic glass was used in the glass curtain walls of Stadt Sparkasse savings bank and Swiss Re building

electrochromic glass was really known to the public in July, 2008. The cabin window glass of Boeing 787 airliner adopted electrochromic technology, which brought passengers a fantastic color changing effect and intelligent experience

nowadays, electrochromic glass has been widely used in the fields of automotive rearview mirrors, aircraft glass and construction. Electronic tensile material testing machines have been widely used, and there is a huge market space in the future. Relevant data show that by 2020, the global electrochromic glass and film system market will reach US $3billion, and will continue to grow. It is expected to reach nearly US $4.2 billion in 2023

is the friction force only 0.35mm thick too large

this is a very thin electrochromic glass in the whole industry at present. We have made two special designs to reduce the thickness and ensure the discoloration effect at the same time. Firstly, the EC material was adjusted repeatedly, and the industry-leading transmittance contrast was achieved on the premise that the thickness of EC material was only 0.05 mm. Secondly, a non-polar glass ball with a diameter of less than 0.05 mm was added to ensure that the glass did not deform, and the glass thickness was greatly reduced

does not interfere with the imaging effect

the glass ball added inside the electrochromic glass bypasses the camera area, and adopts advanced ITO coating technology to achieve a transparent conductive film with lower square resistance and higher transmittance. Special AR coating is added on the inner and outer sides of the glass to reduce light reflection. By optimizing the optical design of the upper and lower glass, ITO, AR and other diaphragms, the transmittance is raised to another height, so that it will not interfere with the imaging

0.7 second color changing speed

through long-time debugging, the electrochromic glass of oneplus concept one can realize the process of changing from black to fully transparent in only 0.7 seconds. The speed is even faster than waking up the camera. You won't feel the inconvenience from electrochromic glass

oneplus concept one is the leading concept machine of oneplus, which represents a bold exploration of the future form of oneplus. There is no ugly lens bulge on the surface, no strange arrangement, and only the exquisite beauty and comfortable grip achieved by scientific and aesthetic design. This is a real burden free experience

the "behind the scenes hero" of black technology

according to insiders, reducing the electrochromic technology and applying it to the phase 303 aerated concrete machine with extremely high requirements for lenses undoubtedly means that there are a lot of problems to be overcome, such as light transmittance, reaction speed, miniaturization and ultra-thin

Yijia has overcome many engineering challenges while boldly exploring. It is revealed that oneplus concept one adopts the integrated electrochromic solution and ultra-thin devices that the signer requires relevant departments to take measures from Vogel optoelectronics

after two years of research and development, Vogel optoelectronics has developed the world's first electrochromic leading process by making transparent nano circuits on glass through special processes, so that the glass shows different colors when it is powered on or off

how to ensure that the light transmittance will not affect the final image quality is a major constraint to the application of electrochromic technology. In order to solve this problem, the R & D personnel experimented with more than 100 structural designs and used algorithm simulation to achieve the best material combination and maximize the transmittance

the electrochromic glass also needs to be covered with glass specially used for smart back, so the thickness is also a problem. Through mature technology, Vogel optoelectronics can achieve a glass thickness of 0.15mm and a uniformity of 0.01mm. It is understood that in the current design, the overall thickness of Yijia's concept has increased by only one tenth of a millimeter

in addition, how to solve the reaction speed is also a big problem. Oneplus concept one, a "hidden post shot" lens, takes only a few tenths of a second from "off" to "on", ensuring that users will not miss wonderful moments. You know, the electrochromic glass window on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner takes several minutes to change from transparent to opaque and then to colored

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