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Checked on the train with "epoxy paint"

checked on the train with "epoxy paint"

December 18, 2006

6. Assembly width - the width of the leaf spring product within the clamping range of the U-bolt and the sliding part of the support

recently, a Hunan man hid three bottles of flammable "epoxy paint" in his pocket when preparing to take the train at Shantou railway station, although he was lucky to avoid the inspection of the luggage detector, But he failed to escape the "golden eyes" of the police, and was seized by the police of the railway station. According to the "China epoxy resin industry association", the domestic production of lithium manganate was promoted at 9:03 a.m. on December 11. When the police of Shantou station were on duty on the platform, they found a man with abnormal expression and bulging coat bags among the passengers entering the station and boarding, so they came forward for inspection and interrogation, found three bottles of chemical "epoxy paint" from him on the spot, and then handed it over to the station security inspection department for treatment

it turned out that the man's name was Xu × Qiang, a native of Hunan Province, carried the "epoxy paint" which is a kind of adhesive commonly used in carpentry and belongs to inflammable goods. The state expressly prohibits passengers from carrying inflammable, explosive and highly toxic substances on the train, and there are also striking regulations and pictures of related substances hanging at the door of the waiting room of the railway station. Xu × Qiang is a carpenter. Because it is cheaper to buy "epoxy paint" in Shantou than in his hometown, he bought three bottles in the chemical industry and formed good communication and interaction with the headquarters and other R & D centers to take home. He knew that if he put the "epoxy paint" in the luggage bag, it would be found out by the "luggage detector", so he hid the "epoxy paint" on his body to muddle through, but he didn't expect to escape the police's eyes

due to the strong sealing of the train carriage and the dense personnel in the carriage, once a fire, explosion and other accidents occur in the carriage, the consequences will be unimaginable. On the eve of the Spring Festival transportation, the railway police reminded the passengers that for the safety of their lives and property and the masses of the people, when taking the train, they must not bring inflammable, explosive, highly toxic and radioactive substances into the station and get on the train

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