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You will fall behind if you can only hit the top! Grab all channel traffic with super single products

you'll fall behind if you can only hit the top! Grab all channel traffic with super single products

China Construction machinery information

at the beginning of the 1920s, a sudden COVID-19 swept the world and affected enterprises in the global automotive industry chain. This is both an anti epidemic war and an economic defense war. Challenges are bound to bring new opportunities, and crises are often the beginning of a new era

seeds do not fall in the fertile soil but in the rubble. Viable seeds will never be pessimistic and sigh. Only after bathing in the warm sun and boiling the cold night can we grow fruitful. Since March, China has entered the post epidemic period. The fight against the epidemic and the resumption of work in all walks of life have been carried out at the same time. The automobile industry chain that has suffered a major impact has ushered in the dawn of recovery

new industry changes, new market trends, and new learning content are emerging in an endless stream. In this changing environment, as an industry head matrix all media platform integrating automotive and engineering machinery genes, China Lubricant information (), China tire business (), and China keguoneng, a leading service provider of automotive industry chain interconnection technology, jointly hosted the public welfare live broadcast of "good maintenance lecture hall"

after the end of Guan Yin's experiment, this oil refining enterprise was canceled by the state as a live broadcast platform with the mission of "using cars, maintaining cars and repairing cars". With 20 years of deep resource accumulation and leading Internet technology in the automotive industry chain, Shanyang lecture provides a smart live broadcast service platform for planning, promotion and customer collection for the communication and interaction between the upstream and downstream of the automotive industry chain

"shanyangda lecture hall" invites leading experts (shanyangda V) and industry experts in relevant fields of the automotive industry chain to provide enterprise management, marketing training, solutions for vehicle maintenance and equipment maintenance, popular science knowledge of vehicle maintenance, equipment maintenance and lubricants and tires, and to conduct in-depth analysis and forward-looking prediction of current industrial new air outlets, new trends, new models and cases

when the flowers bloom in spring, the lecture hall of good care will start with a hard core profit tax of 208billion yuan

wisdom sharing

· how will the 2020 plan be adjusted

· at the initial stage of resumption of work and production, how to activate the team's working state and quickly put the company's business on track

· how to start marketing, and how to implement the original dealer investment promotion meeting, local promotion meeting and other market plans

· in the post epidemic period, how to maintain the operation and ensure the implementation of the annual plan when large gatherings cannot be held

· car oil "terminals are not popular in the peak season. What new needs do repair shops have for suppliers after the epidemic

live broadcast time

every Thursday 20:: 30

live broadcast theme

"super single product breaking growth" - by introducing classic service cases, the theme is launched around the marketing level, and the misunderstandings and pain points existing in the current brand marketing are analyzed

live broadcast form

live broadcast voice +ppt+ interactive Q & A

first live broadcast guest

Niu Rui

General Manager of Beijing Tianxia Meichuan Advertising Co., Ltd.

25 years of experience

well known brand management experts

explosive product planning + mobile e-commerce innovators

brand management communication planning for many top domestic enterprises

be good at capturing and creating the communication focus, enhance the brand with the help of media events, closely combine the brand construction of the enterprise with the communication events, and help the enterprise plan famous explosive cases to achieve overspeed growth

representative case: unified Petrochemical brand remodeling and its single product planning

was awarded the honorary title of "outstanding advertiser in contemporary China"

won the creative planner · outstanding person award

analysis of new perspectives

practical experience industry outlook

participation channels

Channel 1

identify poster QR code, pay attention to the official account of shanyangda lecture hall (or have paid attention to the official account), Reply "Shanyang" to get the entrance of the live broadcasting room

channel 2

scan the code to add customer service to obtain the live broadcast entrance

the day is getting warmer, the flowers are blooming for the second time, the haze finally disappears, and spring will come

an industry live classroom dedicated to comprehensively building "car use, car maintenance and car repair"

is about to set off

constant highlights and wonderful

the good care lecture hall meets with you

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welcome to leave a message and ask questions in advance in this article.

we will sort out the questions one by one in the live studio

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