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A large logistics company in Anyang, Henan Province purchases many Xiagong products at one time

a large logistics company in Anyang, Henan Province purchases many Xiagong products at one time

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recently, a delivery ceremony filled with a strong festive atmosphere was held in the company of Wuding logistics park in Anyang, Henan Province to check whether the analysis results can make the research object in the movement state given by the topic. As the first batch of delivery, two Xiagong 5-ton loaders and two Xiagong 22 ton excavators arrived at the company's huge square early, holding their heads high and welcoming the new owner's on-site inspection in the fullest working state

the working scene of Xiagong products in the scrap treatment center of Henan Anyang Wuding Logistics Park

the representatives of the manufacturer Xiagong Co., Ltd., the engine manufacturer Hangzhou heavy truck company, the distribution partner of Xiagong, Henan Xiagong machinery company and the guests of Anyang Wuding Logistics Park ACR foaming processing aids 5.0~8.0 witnessed the grand listing and delivery ceremony of Xiagong products

at the ceremony, Zhaochunting, chairman of Anyang Wuding Logistics Park Company, said: "Our sinusoidal flow output in the dynamic experiment, our company is a national top 50 logistics enterprise integrating logistics, steel, recycling, processing of renewable resources, wholesale and import and export businesses. It is a local key enterprise and a large taxpayer. With our continuous development and growth, our annual turnover has exceeded 10 billion yuan. This year, we raised another 200million yuan to introduce high-end scrap processing equipment from the United States, which has been officially put into production, and The throughput of scrap steel is more than 8000 tons, and it is expected that more than 20 sets of various equipment of Xiamen Engineering Group will be purchased in the future to help the company achieve rapid and good development. "

Zhao Chunting, chairman of Henan Anyang Wuding Logistics Park Company, delivered a speech

Ms. Ding Xiulan, vice chairman of Henan Xiagong, said in her speech that choice comes from trust and charm comes from strength. Over the years, relying on the craftsman quality and high-quality service, Xiamen workers has fulfilled its commitment of 24-hour, 24-hour nanny service. It is urgent for users, thinks about users' thoughts, sincerely serves customers, and is committed to building a high-quality strategic partnership to achieve win-win cooperation

At the ceremony, Ding Xiulan, vice chairman of Henan Xiagong, and Wu Mujun, general manager of Henan Xiagong, presented exquisite models of Xiagong loaders and excavators to Chairman Zhao Chunting respectively, and both sides handled a formal delivery ceremony. At the same time, Henan Xiagong company also specially invited the manufacturer's representatives to carry out on-site centralized product use and daily maintenance training for the company's driving and service personnel, so as to improve the company's own product use and maintenance level

present exquisite models of Xiamen Construction machinery products

on site training of Xiamen Construction Machinery representatives

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