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Dongfang Electric started from the third line construction and developed in the reform and opening up. In 2018, China Eastern Electric Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfang Electric") has gone through 60 years

at the initial stage of construction, construction stopped and stopped; Wenchuan earthquake suffered heavy losses and was rapidly rebuilt; The output has been the first in the world for many years; Huge losses, rapid turnaround... After several ups and downs, Dongfang Electric people have a strong sense of hardship and crisis, which makes this enterprise always have the impulse to innovate in the fierce market competition

the era of high growth is gone forever, and the equipment manufacturing industry soon entered a period of adjustment. In 2016, after three years of declining performance, Dongfang Electric suffered huge losses. But soon, through a series of reform measures and the accumulation of years of innovation, the company immediately turned losses and got out of trouble in 2017, and will achieve a substantial increase in profits in 2018

first huge loss, reform and difficulty relief

looking back on the 60 year development process, Dongfang Electric, which has been self reliant and rising through hardships, has never lagged behind in the industry. In the 1970s and 1980s, without state support, Dongfang Electric independently developed a 300000 kW thermal power unit known as the "gas engine" in the valley. In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Dongfang turbine, an enterprise affiliated to Dongfang Electric, was seriously damaged and devastated. In less than two years, Dongfang Motor Corporation, which suffered heavy losses, quickly recovered, and its production capacity exceeded the level before the earthquake, realizing an upgrade of the whole enterprise, and then the signal was handled by the processor. Since then, Dongfang Electric has gradually become the representative with the largest output and the greatest influence in the industry by seizing production and operation and seeking change through innovation

after a round of development climax, the trough came

in 2016, Zou Lei, the main person in charge of communication between two central enterprises of Dongfang Electric and Harbin Electric Group, was transferred to the position of party secretary and chairman of Dongfang Electric. After taking office, he found that Dongfang Electric was facing a severe situation. This enterprise, which had ranked first in the world in terms of power generation equipment output for 14 consecutive years, suffered its first loss in history

from the perspective of the external market, the industry is highly competitive, the demand for traditional hydro thermal power is reduced, and the capacity of coal-fired power is reduced, which are the pillar industries of Dongfang Electric. From the perspective of internal management, the frequent product quality problems, low operating efficiency and extensive management have made the enterprise pay a huge price. The industry situation is not good. The profits of the enterprise have decreased for three consecutive years, and the salaries of employees have been reduced continuously. Everyone has pessimistic ideas about the development prospects of the enterprise and lacks confidence in its development

how to break the game? Zou Lei chose "innovation driven, secondary entrepreneurship" and implemented the "12345" new development strategy to comprehensively deepen reform and promote the high-quality development of Dongfang Electric

in order to reduce the management level and improve the management and control efficiency, Dongfang Electric implemented the integration of the group and the joint-stock (listed company) headquarters, and the number of headquarters department level institutions was reduced from 21 to 12, a decrease of 42.9%; The number of department level institutions decreased from 74 to 50, a decrease of 32.4%, and the number of headquarters employees decreased by 12%

Zou Lei said to everyone at that time, "we can't change the lives of the employees under us. We have to change our own lives and reduce the redundant staff."

the reform of the headquarters has actively promoted the reform process of the whole group. 201 it is usually important to think about this reason. Over the past six years, the number of employees of the company has decreased by 5020, but the reform has still been carried out smoothly and orderly

with comprehensive budget management as the center, Dongfang Electric paid close attention to cost control and promoted the cost reduction of the whole economic value chain in design, production, marketing, management and other links. In 2017, the gross profit margin increased by 2.7% year-on-year

we have thoroughly implemented the "quality building enterprise" project, implemented the "one vote veto" of quality, and seriously pursued quality accountability. Since 2016, 37 management cadres of the group's Party group have been held accountable, and the quality loss rate has decreased from 1% in 2016 to 0.6% in the first eight months of 2018

the next year, the company immediately turned around its losses and achieved a total profit of 666 million yuan

after entering the benign development track, Dongfang Electric began to adjust the direction of reform in 2018. In Zou Lei's plan, the first two years are to make system adjustment. In 2018, the focus is on the reform of the distribution system, and the next step is to focus on the reform of the business mechanism

since this year, Dongfang Electric has comprehensively promoted the reform of the salary distribution system, and has completed the reform of the salary system of the functional departments of the headquarters. We will pilot reforms to promote the tenure system and contractual reform of leaders. To promote the ability of leaders to move up and down, especially the "ability to move down", a total of three leaders who did not act were demoted this year, and a middle-level leader of a functional department with poor assessment results in 2017 was dismissed

in 2017, after three consecutive years of salary reduction, the company's employees' wages increased by an average of 7.5%. After the salary reform, the employees' income was further improved, and the enthusiasm for reform and development was further enhanced

at the Symposium of the 60th anniversary of the founding of Dongfang Electric on October 13, the old leaders and experts gathered together to recall the hard and passionate entrepreneurial years in the past. When it comes to suggestions for the company, the old leaders coincidentally mentioned the problem of talents and believed that in the future development, we should pay more attention to and make good use of talents

in fact, over the past two years, Dongfang Electric has done exactly that. In Zou Lei's view, the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry today is more eager for talents than ever before

at present, Dongfang Electric is continuing to do a good job in the four articles "gathering talents, educating talents, benefiting talents and warming talents", distinguishing levels, putting into action and implementing policies. In addition to the selection of chief experts and top-notch talents, Dongfang Electric has launched the chief technician system this year. In addition to honorary titles, it has a subsidy of 5000 yuan per month. For high-end talents, the company directly absorbs and settles in the Central Research Institute of the group and arranges to work in its affiliated enterprises to solve their worries. For all employees, the company has specially arranged career design and training plans, and established a talent evaluation system that is fair and impartial and classified assessment

in 2017, Dongfang Electric increased profits by more than 2.7 billion yuan year-on-year, exceeding the annual assessment target by 33%. In the assessment results of the business performance of the heads of central enterprises that year, the score was the best in six years

eight years of research and development achievements "Dongfang core"

while continuously optimizing hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, gas power, wind power, solar energy and other energy equipment technologies, Dongfang Electric has been exploring and developing new energy technologies to promote the sustainable development of clean energy. Despite the downturn and contraction of traditional industries, fortunately, the accumulation of talents has brought new growth space to Dongfang Electric

Dongfang Electric first established the Central Research Institute in the industry, attracting many high-end talents to join. After years of development, the hydrogen fuel cell technology approved in 2009 has been in the leading position in China and has begun to be industrialized

hydrogen energy is a green and efficient secondary energy, which is the intermediary to realize energy conversion. On June 28 this year, the first batch of 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses in Sichuan province realized full passenger carrying operation and opened demonstration operation lines in Chengdu, marking the phased achievements of the first batch of "Dongfang core" of Dongfang Electric

how do energy equipment manufacturing enterprises relate to cars? Caojianmian, general manager of Dongfang Electric (Chengdu) hydrogen fuel cell technology Co., Ltd., said that at the beginning, the research institute studied hydrogen fuel cell technology in order to expand the backup power market. In 2016, they found that hydrogen fuel cells were widely used in the transportation field. Pingkuang group promised to achieve "four bottoms", and then began to research and layout in the field of automotive power systems

according to Cao jianmian, hydrogen fuel cell technology is the ultimate solution for clean energy, which truly achieves zero emissions, "what is discharged is water". Experts predict that hydrogen energy will account for at least 10% of China's terminal energy system in the future. Neighboring Japan has already raised hydrogen energy as a national strategy. In the past two years, hydrogen energy has gradually become popular, and capital has been widely involved. Hundreds of related companies have been established in China since last year, but only two enterprises, including Dongfang Electric, have truly independently developed and mastered core technologies. Most enterprises involved in this industry buy foreign stacks for assembly and integration

in order to independently develop hydrogen fuel cell technology, a team of nearly 50 people from Dongfang Electric has studied silently for 8 years, and has mastered a full set of core technologies and independent intellectual property rights of hydrogen fuel cell system, including membrane electrode preparation, stack design, system integration and control technology. Cao jianmian said that in the next step, the R & D team of Dongfang Electric will also devote themselves to research, overcome the key technologies of the core raw materials of hydrogen fuel cells, and find domestic alternatives to reduce costs. At the same time, in terms of industrialization, we will strive to put into production a production line with an annual output of 1000 units before the Spring Festival next year. Expand the product range according to market demand, and gradually develop supporting power modules such as intercity passenger cars, logistics vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, etc

not only "Dongfang core", Dongfang Electric's innovative achievements continue to emerge and quickly occupy the market

for example, in the emerging solar thermal power generation market, in June this year, Dongfang Electric independently developed, designed, produced and manufactured the first large-scale commercial solar thermal power generation project steam turbine generator set in China, which was successfully installed in the CGN new energy Delingha 50MW trough type solar thermal power station, filling the technical gap of large-scale trough type solar thermal power generation in China. Among the first batch of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects determined by the national energy administration, Dongfang Electric ranked first in the industry in terms of market share

behind the achievements is the increasing scientific research investment of Dongfang Electric, the efforts of many masters and doctors who graduated from Peking University and Xi'an Jiaotong University and more than 30 solar thermal project teams

even in the traditional main business, Dongfang Electric is also promoting transformation and upgrading. Blade is the core component of steam turbine. Through cooperation with scientific research institutes, Dongfang Electric has established the first blade digital workshop demonstration base in China, which has achieved effective control over the whole life cycle of blades, achieved batch manufacturing of blades, shortened the manufacturing cycle by 10%, reduced the manufacturing quality error rate by 20%, and reduced the manufacturing cost by 10%

Zou Lei said that on the 60th anniversary of its founding, Dongfang Electric's business performance continued to grow, and it has entered a new historical stage of promoting the development of high structure and different quality. After 40 years of continuous reform and innovation, Dongfang Electric has achieved rich results and is moving towards a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness. (state owned assets report raoheng)

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