The hottest one spent 28 trillion yuan in 10 years

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Spend 10 years, spend 2.8 trillion! Japan, which has bet its fortune on the Olympic Games, is still doomed. Release date: Source: investors. Number of Views: 15092 copyright and disclaimer. Core tip: at the moment of the epidemic, good news is coming out frequently at home, but the epidemic is raging abroad. The latest data show that there are more than 10000 patients abroad! Many countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas were not spared. The Japanese imitation of

directly led to the diagnosis of 61 people on the "Diamond Princess" on February 7! Even so, Japan did not pay attention to the epidemic. In less than a month, the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 1000

viruses are exaggerating wildly in Japan, and they are helpless to host the Tokyo Olympic Games soon

in order to ensure the absolute safety of the Olympic Games, senior members of the International Olympic Committee have to put pressure on Japan. If it is still out of control in late May, the Tokyo Olympic Games is likely to show you that the verification and calibration of the universal testing machine will be cancelled

this is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue

Japan seems to be facing the biggest problem since this century, and according to Japanese media reports, the country has not found effective measures to control the epidemic

in fact, before the epidemic raged, Japan emptied its family and threw money at the Tokyo Olympic Games

it is understood that the new national arena, as the main venue of the Tokyo Olympic Games, has invested more than 100billion yen from the beginning of construction to the completion

in terms of investment in all venues, Japan has spent 252 billion yen. The figure of their cooperation with the industry at the same time is higher than the total construction cost of all the Olympic Games since 2000, which is unimaginable

in terms of materials, Japan also invested a lot. In order to make some high-quality medals, Japan spent two years recycling 80000 tons of small household appliances and 6.21 million units nationwide, as well as a large number of metal materials, only to extract 32 kilograms of pure gold, 3500 kilograms of pure silver and 2200 kilograms of pure copper

in terms of set design, the Japanese are even more heartbroken. They use the best plastic products that are pollution-free and pollution-free. Whether they are produced or recycled, it can be said that they can maximize the use of everything

Japan spent almost all the money it had saved for years on the Tokyo Olympic Games, just for a successful start and put money in its pocket

Japan is even more unambiguous in terms of cultural creation. This is the best time to carry forward the quintessence of the country, which will take four years! Customize kimonos for more than 100 countries

in terms of infrastructure, Japan is also very sophisticated. Although Tokyo is the host of the Olympic Games, Japan is worried about insufficient supply. Considering the huge demand for consumption during the Olympic Games, it links nine major cities and frantically builds hotels and shops! Just propagandizing culture can't let Japan show its grandeur. Outsiders must know that Japan is a powerful country in science and technology

therefore, Japan has also launched a large number of unmanned devices and robots, and these scattered projects have invested 2.8 trillion yen, equivalent to about 168.6 billion yuan

it can be said that for the success of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan has been busy for 10 years, even using old parts and spending countless money. It has the momentum to work hard and get rich overnight

however, when everything was ready and everything was invested in the Olympic Games, the impact of the epidemic was ignored, and there was no setback

Japan panicked instantly

Japanese people really can't sit still. It is understood that with the epidemic becoming more and more serious, more than 60% of the people called for the cancellation of the Olympic Games

people feel that at this time, they should no longer think about the Olympic Games and making money. Safety is the first and life is the most important

researchers also used grapefruit seed extract to enhance its performance, but how can such a sound make Abe and others feel at ease? If so much investment is made, it will be wasted? Therefore, Japan is now playing a Tai Chi role in the Olympic Games and the epidemic

first of all, officials did not know the long-term impact of the epidemic, nor did they treat it as a disaster response, which directly led to the arrival of the epidemic. Japan still held the Olympic torch relay rehearsal as scheduled, with 10000 people participating

later, as the epidemic intensified worldwide, the number of Japanese patients rose sharply, and the public was anxious. Under international pressure, Japan said it would step up prevention and control. However, one month later, the number of cases did not decline, but continued to rise. This careless and deceptive way has caused Japan to receive more criticism

some media even pointed out that Japan is obviously casting a taboo on the mouse and still has illusions about the Olympic Games. It's right to want to have a good luck meeting, but if you want to know which side is important, now you should focus all your energy on fighting the epidemic

however, some media pointed out that Japan's practice at this moment stems from the economic downturn, and the Olympic Games is like a catalyst, which will stimulate economic recovery

indeed, the Olympic Games have a great impact on the economy

after the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, the GDP of the whole country increased by 0.5%

after Japan hosted the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, real estate, industry, tourism, retail, culture and industry have all experienced tremendous growth, bringing immeasurable direct benefits

home appliance giants such as Panasonic, Hitachi and Toshiba were also cultivated successively during the Tokyo Olympic Games. Seven years ago, Abe bluntly said that the Olympic Games had become a trigger to sweep away Japan's 15 years of deflation and economic recession

the impact of the Olympic Games on a country is naturally unparalleled, but the reality is that if the epidemic in Japan is not controlled, let alone make money, loss can also die, and the economy will not only fail to rise, but also plummet, retrogressing for decades

in the face of such a severe situation, Japan still does not pay enough attention at present. If Japan is equipped with a special feeding device to automatically feed, it will be a dream in vain if it does not learn from history and remains unrepentant

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