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Another prize! Csua2019 best model award of green water and green mountains

again! Csua2019 best model award of green water and green mountains

China Construction Machinery Information

the pull table was cylindrical. From October 24 to 25, the 2019 annual member representative meeting and the seventh anniversary celebration of the system application product users branch of the China Computer Users Association (csua) were grandly held in Shanghai. The project of "science and technology empowering green development, said wangdengwen - building an efficient and intelligent joint information management platform" of the closing ring stiffness experimental machine force, together with 32 domestic large enterprise information projects such as SAIC General Motors, Sany Heavy Industry and China Huadian, competed for the annual information award, and passed the fierce competition in the review of the organizing committee, the review of the expert group, the public review and other links, Finally, he won csua 2019 Golden Dragon Award - best model award of green water and green mountains

this activity not only commended the new csua Golden Dragon Award winning projects, but also focused on digital transformation, enterprise smart cloud, scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence, digital economy, creating smart enterprises and other hot spots, and invited financial professionals and industry masters to understand the times and analyze the future development of enterprises

based on the group's digital management and promotion, enterprise globalization practice experience, information security escort smart enterprise, SAP s/4hana digital transformation leading the global model, enterprise mobile learning cloud platform, artificial intelligence helping smart finance, AI technology helping smart enterprise and other projects, the delegation shared brilliantly and won the unanimous praise of the guests

this year, csua Golden Dragon Award will continue to set up "green water and green mountains Award" to encourage enterprises to achieve excellent operation, but also through their own continuous innovation to promote circular development, low-carbon development, and comprehensive conservation to strive to achieve a green development enterprise society. Many SAP projects from user units in energy, mining, equipment manufacturing, high-tech, chemical and other industries actively participated in the selection, and became a model for green and sustainable development of the industry

csua, further highlight the innovative leadership of Heli in science and technology empowerment, green development, and the integration of industrialization and industrialization. Heli will also continue to uphold its original intention, and strive to explore the use of smart empowerment to build a digital strategy in the wave of new technologies, and create easier, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly transportation equipment through informatization, digitization, and intelligence, Strive to become a global forklift expert and a supplier of automated logistics equipment in China that causes failures

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