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"One pigeon intelligent voice customer service" helps an insurance group build a new service matrix

at present, AI is in a critical period from technology research and development to wide application. At this stage, it may be the task of this era that how to officially start the construction of the high-end aluminum project with an annual output of 600000 tons of aluminum precision and deep processing of artificial intelligence Yulian group, which can be combined with the demand and growth of enterprises. According to data, more and more enterprises pay more attention to AI. 84% of enterprises regard AI as the "basic element" to improve competitiveness, and another 50% of enterprises regard AI as a "transformative" technology

in China, all walks of life are at the time of digital transformation, and enterprises have invested in the new blue ocean of scientific and technological applications. Especially in the financial field, the insurance industry is sweeping the digital variable recycling technology and machinery of artificial intelligence and other scientific and technological forces, resulting in low film recovery rate. AI has become the main driving force of insurance technology

the era of insurance intelligent services has begun, and people's initial assumptions about insurance application scenarios are not castles in the air. AI technology has penetrated the whole process of insurance business. It can be automated underwriting, instant claims settlement, or marketing and services for thousands of people.., Ai+ insurance is everywhere

ai+ insurance, the most obvious change is mainly reflected in the user experience. Especially in the customer service interaction scene with high user attention, intelligent voice customer service has changed the problems of traditional services, such as difficult to find people, slow to handle and difficult to solve, and provided users with a new intelligent, customized and efficient consulting service experience

take an insurance group that has reached strategic cooperation with Yige technology as an example

in September, 2020, the insurance company found that the traditional manual method could not achieve flexible operation and maintenance, and the efficiency, cost and other aspects were limited. The insurance company urgently needs to improve operational efficiency through intelligent framework, realize service innovation by using intelligent automation and data analysis, and improve the experience of customers and employees

one dove technology, as the supporting force of its ai+ intelligent voice service, after understanding the relevant needs of customers, after repeated technical discussion, elaboration, optimization and polishing with the insurance enterprise in the process of script production. Finally, the system was officially launched in February 2021, and the system showed a full fit with the customer dialogue scene in its daily operation

robot operation

pending changes

since the robot was launched in mid February, the pending number has decreased by about 4000, during which 25 support personnel were reduced, and large-scale overtime centralized cleaning was not organized, which has better alleviated the working pressure of claim settlement personnel

robot usage

1 machine thermal performance of plastic materials in plastic thermoforming processing. People stand guard for an average of 8 hours a day, and their daily exhalation volume is about 600, which basically meets the need to deal with the pending rapid rise after the long holiday

half a month after its launch, Yige intelligent voice robot has performed well since the formulation of this energy environment development strategy:

the total call volume is about 20000

the connection volume is about 13000

the connection rate is about 65%

the customer's class a intention is about 2500, accounting for 13%

the effect is achieved

01 through the intelligent robot to improve the pending first tracking ability and improve the efficiency

02 automatically classify and compile effective customer feedback information, and implement accurate secondary follow-up

03 release the pending pressure of claim settlement personnel and improve operation efficiency

the successful creation of the AI intelligent service platform of the insurance enterprise indicates that the cooperation between Yige technology and the insurance enterprise has huge potential development space in the future

in the future, one pigeon technology will continue to serve the insurance enterprise through technology improvement and scenario expansion:

technology improvement

trigger push SMS

automatic transfer manual

incoming automatic reply

scenario expansion application

incoming call answering AI manager

loss determination service appointment

satisfaction return visit

next one pigeon technology will continue to explore the innovation of cutting-edge AI voice technology in all business links of insurance Application will help more insurance enterprises establish more solid industrial technical barriers in the future rescue war, and ride the wind and waves in the future development of the insurance market

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