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A ton of jeep has driven the paper tube bridge

a jeep with a weight of more than 1 ton can be driven on a paper bridge. Have you heard such a ridiculous thing? Yesterday, this "fantasy" that made many people shake their heads as soon as they heard it was turned into reality by more than 10 sophomores in the Department of machinery, Tsinghua University. Within two minutes, a 1.2-ton Beijing Jeep drove steadily across a 6-meter-long, 2-meter-high paper bridge made entirely of newspapers

Zhang Xueliang, one of the designers of the paper bridge and a student of Tsinghua Machinery Department, told that the idea of "Jeep crossing the paper bridge" 2. Injection molding equipment: derived from the "impossible task" proposed by the "whimsical" column of CCTV, the paper bridge can only be completed with 6 tons of newspapers and latex. "We thought about many plans, and finally decided to beat the newspaper into pulp, roll it into steel tube like paper tubes in the paper mill, and then lay four layers of paper tubes on the horizontal three vertical one floor as the bridge deck, and then make more than 60 2-meter-high paper tubes into three piers." He proudly told them that the paper bridge they made had a very strong bearing capacity. Although only 2 tons of newspapers were used, theoretically, if a 1.5-ton truck was used, the deformation degree of the paper bridge would not exceed 1 cm

also participating in the "Jeep crossing the paper bridge" competition with Tsinghua University, there are four friends from all over the country. The paper bridge designed by them is more "hanging" and has no piers at all. They just use newspapers to make paper ropes with a diameter of 2 cm wide and 6 m long. Every 9 paper ropes are twisted into a thick rope shaped like Tianjin fried dough twist Er, with a total of 25 "fried dough twist Er ropes", These "fried dough twist ropes" are locked together with paper rings. This process can be completed in only 8 seconds, and then paved with PVC door and window fixing sheets jg/t 132 ⑵ 000. Two layers of 1.5 cm thick paper "bridge deck" are connected to form a paper cable bridge

at 4 p.m., the game officially began. The paper bridge that Tsinghua students "can cross the truck" really lived up to their expectations. Although the 1.2-ton big guy lingered on the bridge for a long time, the paper bridge didn't move, and even the annular paper pipe laid on the top of the bridge deck didn't deform. The ordinary paper cable bridge with ball screw friends is not so lucky. As soon as the jeep drove onto the bridge deck, the front of the Jeep "jumped" and plunged down. The 2-meter-high bridge deck immediately sank by more than 1 meter. Due to inertia, the front of the jeep rushed onto the opposite approach bridge within 3 seconds, but the whole body was too deep on the paper cable bridge to drive across the bridge deck, and finally had to give up the race

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