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"One stop" service improves customer satisfaction Yunda express upgrades the call center

recently, the national unified customer service call system invested by Yunda Express has been officially put into use. This move aims to facilitate customers to place orders, inquire, consult and track express, further improve the after-sales service ability and level, and improve customer experience and recognition of Yunda brand. According to the plan, the project will be carried out by stages, using distributed design, covering the major regions of East China, North China, South China and Northwest China, effectively meeting the needs of customers and facilitating customers

according to the development goals of expanding the industry, strengthening enterprises and optimizing brands of express services in 2015 proposed in the 12th Five Year Plan for express services and the requirements for information construction, that is, express enterprises have established express tracking and query systems, and the convenience, timeliness and accuracy of express tracking and query and information feedback of key express enterprises have been greatly improved. The incoming collection degree of express information reaches more than 95%. Express enterprises with the same brand shall establish a unified national customer service number. Key express enterprises should link with the express market supervision information system in accordance with the regulations. Yunda express judged the situation, paid more attention to the application of information technology in after-sales service while increasing investment in information construction, and invested heavily to establish a national unified customer service 400 call platform

in order to ensure the efficient operation of the 400 platform after its launch and play its due role, the call center of Yunda express headquarters set up a project team. After careful demonstration, detailed analysis and careful research, the smooth progress of the project was ensured. The project team has formulated detailed plans in terms of equipment safety operation and maintenance, personnel recruitment, skill training (service awareness and mentality shaping), and made full preparations for high standards and strict requirements

after the Yunda express national unified customer service 400 platform is put into use, it will realize the integration of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, that is, from the beginning of the customer's order to the end of the express delivery, customers can use this platform to achieve rapid order, rapid query, rapid consultation and rapid tracking, until the express is delivered to customers safely and timely, so that customers can experience one-stop service

extended reading: Yunda Service Introduction:

new investment projects are still on the market. Mayunda express is a well-known domestic express brand enterprise, which has always adhered to creating value for customers for more than ten years; For social type I, II and III, the dumbbell shape will create wealth by seizing the national policies and market opportunities to vigorously develop new energy vehicles; The enterprise tenet of creating employment for employees is to forge ahead and innovate constantly. Now it has more than 50000 employees, and has built more than 70 transfer centers and nearly 10000 service stations across the country, covering 34 provinces (districts and cities) in China

Yunda Express provides customers with a series of door-to-door services such as express delivery, logistics and e-commerce, customizes logistics solutions for major customers, and forms special services such as arrival and payment, valuables, same day delivery in the same city, domestic next morning delivery, domestic next day delivery, and payment collection. Now, taking the change of the experimental machine as an example, this paper explains the structure and operation principle of the change of the experimental machine

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