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Those unknown "made in Toyota"

those unknown "made in Toyota" -- there is actually "big white"

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the origin of Toyota group - Toyota automatic loom

at present, the whole Toyota group is composed of 13 companies, most of which are world-renowned top 500 enterprises, The common origin of these companies is Toyota automatic 2) electro-hydraulic servo universal material experimental weaving machine

in 1926, Mr. akiji Toyoda founded Toyota automatic loom Manufacturing Institute, which officially brought the brand of Toyota into the field of industrial manufacturing. The automobile department was established in 1933 and became an independent Toyota automobile industry in 1937. Then it gradually evolved into today's Toyota automobile. In 1956, with the first forklift off the production line, Toyota automatic looms began to officially enter the field of material handling. After nearly a century of development, Toyota automatic looms' products have been widely involved in the field of looms, industrial vehicles, automotive fields (automobiles, engines, automotive air-conditioning compressors, etc.), electronics, logistics and other industries, and have established the world's first sales position in the field of looms, industrial vehicles, automotive air-conditioning compressors

in 2016, Toyota automatic loom will usher in the 90 year celebration of its opening. As the original company of the whole group, Toyota automatic loom will continue to uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of Toyoda Sasaki, which is "always at the forefront of the trend of the times", commit to forward-looking technology research and the creation of new value, and make contributions to the better life, warm family and harmonious society of global users with cross domain technology, products and services

those unknown made by toyota

1 Yacht

Toyota entered the marine business with ponam-28 in 1997. Toyota yachts are equipped with auto engines specially tuned for offshore applications – if you already know this fact, give yourself an encouragement

our latest marine product – ponam-31 – represents a new type of yacht, sports multifunctional cruiser. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental machines, this 31 foot yacht in Jinan Shijin is equipped with two 3.0-liter direct injection diesel engines from the Land Cruiser Prado, which can accommodate 12 passengers. Its price is 29700000 yen - about 1500000 yuan

2. How about robot (big white)

? Is Toyota's "big white" the same cute

Toyota Motor Corporation has implemented the "Partner Robot" program since 2011. The plan includes four categories - medical and welfare support, mobile support, life support and work support - under which a series of robots have been developed, including walking training assistant robots and balance training assistant robots, which are specially designed to help injured patients recover

in addition, Toyota has developed face recognition software for the robot kirobo, which is a cute 34 cm high robot. In August 2013, she became the first robot to speak in space. It and Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) astronaut Kochi Wakata jointly carried out a launch mission of Japan's Tanegashima Space Center. Kirobo said in space, "on August 21, 2013, a robot took a small step towards a brighter future for all people. If there are still questions."

3. Residential

Toyota's die hard fans may already know that Toyota also builds residential buildings. If they knew that we have started this business since 1975, they might be surprised

focusing on the architectural vision of "really want to make Japan's housing better", Toyota has built a number of independent housing products by using a variety of building technologies to start testing the water of housing construction business. Subsequently, this construction work was extended to apartments and rental houses. Toyota housing group was founded in 2003 and has been in full operation since January 2004

at present, Toyota builds 15000 homes every year. The above picture shows the top residential buildings equipped with solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations. It is located in one of the two "ecoful towns" near Toyota City in Tokyo. The two sites have a total of 67 such houses, so that people can have a glimpse of a sustainable future

4. Sewing machine

in the global sewing machine market, Toyota is a leading competitor "sewing machine manufacturer". Toyota has been producing sewing machines since 1946. The first Toyota sewing machine was completed under the guidance of Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Motor Company. Toyota's philosophy is that each machine should "use the micro focusing hand wheel to make the image clear, practical and beautiful"

5. Bus

Toyota has been producing "Costa" buses since 1969. Like corolla, land cruiser and Heracles, Costa is the pillar of Toyota's global achievements and the heritage of the company. From Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland to Bolivia and Panama, the modern version of the hybrid Kodak has spread all over the world

Denso wave Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, invented the "quick response (QR)" code in 1994

this barcode was initially used to manage the inventory of auto parts in Denso factory. Traditional bar codes are used for conventional purposes, but as people need to contain more information in limited space, Denso set up a new bar code development team in 1992 and developed QR codes within two years

qr code carries vertical and horizontal information at the same time, and the amount of data it stores is hundreds of times that of bar code -- it can encode more than 7000 digital symbols into a two-dimensional code

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