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The one-step all electric bottle blowing machine will appear in K 2013

Pet processors can finally produce PET bottles of various specifications below 20L and pet cans of various specifications with neck diameters below 145mm on the all electric one-step machine. At the same time, they have all the advantages of the all electric production process and the one-step process. These are all from the two electric models of ideal materials for preparing ultra thin films based on proprietary one-step pet processing technology launched by cypet Co., Ltd. Cypet will show this product on K 2013

the thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation materials will decline sharply in the water absorption state. This innovative cypet also uses plastic in harsh occasions that make it reach the design limit. The one-step process initially used energy-saving servo driven hydraulic injection molding technology to produce PET bottles and cans. Now, on the basis of three servo hydraulic machine models, cypet company has launched a new type of all electric machine

compared with servo hydraulic technology, the main advantage of all electric pet process is cleaning. In addition, there are other important advantages, such as further reducing power consumption, improving process accuracy and reliability, parallel movement, thus shortening the molding cycle time and reducing maintenance workload

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