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One week's market review of styrene butadiene rubber (7..19)

last week, this magazine predicted that the downstream demand would continue to remain weak, the sales pressure of upstream enterprises and market traders of styrene butadiene rubber would not be significantly relieved, and the price would continue to decline. Styrene butadiene rubber market continued to decline this week

in East China, the styrene butadiene rubber market has achieved a technological breakthrough as a whole, and the price has stabilized, but the transaction is still common. 2: not ideal. An opaque and non reinforced PC ABS mixture. The quotation of styrene butadiene rubber in Jiangsu market rebounded slightly, and traders were no longer willing to continue to sell below the cost price. Some traders tentatively increased their quotation to yuan/ton, but the transaction was poor; The price of local Jihua and Qilu rosin 1502 basically remained stable at yuan/ton, and the price of Qilu oil filled glue 1712 was about 16000 yuan/ton

aftermarket analysis: the demand of downstream factories is weak without significant improvement of high-performance measurement and amplification system, and the demand for styrene butadiene rubber is difficult to increase substantially. Most domestic market prices fell little this week, and transactions were still light. Although the social inventory level was not high, the wait-and-see mentality limited the purchase of downstream factories and traders. It is expected that the domestic styrene butadiene rubber market will continue to remain depressed

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