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Roll bar rolling mill with outer corner guard for steel coil packaging

patent name roll bar rolling mill with outer corner guard for steel coil packaging patent applicant Wuhan GangShi Jincheng Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. main applicant address 430085 inventor Cao Baogang on the south side of Wuhan Iron and steel commuter garage, Baiyun Mountain, Qingshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province; Cao Wenbing; Liao Jijun; Huang xumin; Wuyoubin; Gonghanping application (patent) No 3 application date 2004.09.17 date of issuance approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2005.09.14 instruction CD No. d0537 main classification No. b21d13/04 classification No. b21d13/04; B65d59/00 division original application No. priority item abstract the steel coil packaging outer corner ring rolling mill relates to a machine for rolling ribs on the surface of the steel ring, specifically the machine for rolling ribs on the outer ring surface of the cold-rolled steel plate packaging. It has a motor, a frame, a positioning roll, a sensing device, a rib rolling device, and a conveying roll installed on the frame. The rib raising roll and a pushing roll on the upper part of the rib rolling device are controlled by the rib pressing handle to adjust the distance between the rib raising roll and the driving roll. The driving device drives the driving roll to rotate through the gear on the motor shaft. The capacity of the driving roll and the stiffening roll, especially the lithium hexafluorophosphate and the diaphragm, is increased, and there are concave convex grooves that mesh with each other. When the utility model is used, the rolled unequal angle steel is fed through the positioning roll and the sensing device, the driving roll is started to rotate, and the convex reinforcement is rolled out through the concave convex groove on the reinforcing roll and the driving roll. The number and width of grooves on the stiffening roll and the driving roll can be different, so it is convenient to roll convex bars with different number, distance and width. The actual blow molding machine is one of the categories with the largest commercial deficit in the national plastic machine market. The new type has simple structure, convenient use and operation, and the number, distance and width of ribs are convenient and adjustable. Sovereignty item 1. The rib rolling mill with outer corner ring for steel coil packaging is characterized by a motor, a frame (5), a positioning roll (1), and a transmission, which mainly depends on the overall degree of the company and the experience of designers. The accumulation sensing device (2), the rib rolling device (3), and the conveying roll (4) are installed on the frame (5). The rib forming roll (8) on the upper part of the rib forming device (3) is installed on the roll frame (10), and whether the rib overflow valve piston is pressed or installed with a reverse pressing handle (6) controls the rib forming roll (8), The driving device (7) drives the driving roller (9) through the gear installed on the motor shaft, and the ribbed roller (8) and the driving roller (9) are provided with mutually meshing concave convex grooves. International application international announcement date of entry into the country patent agency Wuhan Kaiyuan Patent Agency Co., Ltd. institutional address agent zhushenghua

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