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Rolling mill bearings with the most complex structure in China are offline in Luozhou company

rolling mill bearings with the most complex structure in China are offline in Luozhou company

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on July 7, the domestic junction voltage should be successively applied to each conductor pair connected in the same 1 cut between other conductors and metal layers (if any) or water. The bearings for barrel section rolling mills with the most complex structure and the highest accuracy requirements should be delivered to users offline in the super large bearing division. So far, the company has become the only enterprise capable of manufacturing such bearings in China

the product has a diameter of 1.7 meters, a height of 1.9 meters, and a total weight of more than 20 tons. It is processed for a well-known domestic heavy machinery group. Because this set of bearings is not installed in the bearing seat as before, but the bearing seat and the sleeve are made into one. At the beginning of the bidding, the unique structure of the bearing once deterred the domestic bearing manufacturing giants, and the company met the difficulties and won the bid at one stroke

in order to do a good job of this highly accurate "four unlike", the company's R & D team made bold innovations. First, it further optimized the original design, and then it completely overturned the traditional heat treatment method, and carried out the whole process control from every link and time node of production and processing. Because the product is super high, the running distance of the grinding head frame of the equipment needs to be adjusted at any time during the processing, and the operator keeps debugging. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the internal and external diameters of the products, the employees actively think of ways to find suitable clamping and measuring tools to ensure the processing dimensions and product accuracy of the products. Finally, I finally won this large-size and wide cylinder section, and then I considered the price difference of the same level brand rolling mill bearings

it is reported that the successful production of rolling mill bearings with the most complex structure in China has opened up a new production field for the company and will become a new economic growth point for the enterprise

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