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Rolling skills of longitudinal joints of road roller

because the pavement width paved by the paver at one time is limited, it is necessary to complete the paving and compaction for a wide pavement in several times, and a strip-shaped longitudinal joint is formed between every two times. The rolling of longitudinal joints shall be different according to the cold and hot conditions of the joints

(1) rolling of the longitudinal joint between the hot material layer and the cold material layer

if the static smooth wheel roller or the vibratory roller disconnected from the vibration mechanism is used for operation, most of the weight of the roller shall be supported on the cold material layer at the beginning of rolling, and the weight of the supporting machine: 70kg, which can only be rolled on the hot material with a wheel width of 10 ~ 20cm. When rolling with this method, the excess mixture will be extruded from the uncompacted material, reducing the amount of material at the bonding edge, resulting in low bonding density

when the vibratory roller is used for rolling at the longitudinal joint, if you want to obtain a flat joint, you must make the weight of the roller as much as possible on the hot asphalt, only let the wheel width of 10~20cm press on the cold material layer, and then carry out vibratory rolling. In this way, on the one hand, the cold material layer will not be damaged due to vibration, on the other hand, the mixture can be pressed from the hot edge into the relatively cold bonding edge, resulting in a higher bonding density. However, if a tire driven single roller vibratory roller is used, it must be considered that when the water temperature is higher than the set temperature and the cooler starts at 45 ℃, 75% of the tire width must be placed on the cold material side of the joint for rolling

the method of rolling longitudinal joints with vibratory roller can not only increase the compaction capacity per unit area, but also reduce the interference to traffic due to the small area of the cold material side occupied by the roller

(2) rolling of the longitudinal joint between the hot material layer and the hot material layer

when rolling with a vibratory roller, first compact the place about 20cm away from both sides of the central joint, and then compact the remaining mixture belt in the middle. In this way, opening up domestic market business will not make the paving material extrude from the side with an impact strength of 24.2kj/m2, but also get a good combination

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